That was from the hit song “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Ok, you may be saying, “What’s the big deal Focus”? Ah…glad you asked my ck calling river Sheriff readers!

Since we are in the early stages of 2012, I wanted to put some positive spins and advice for your poker journey for the 2012 so your poker game won’t be “2000 and Late” 😉

Got a few suggestions for ya’ll to implement or restart if you have been doing it, but stopped.

1) Use Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker.

I hear the poker purists screaming in horror about using the HUDs that both programs offer. They are saying some stuff like “I got skillz son, don’t need the clutter and the numbers to know who to ck raise bluff after flatting 4bet cold pre out of position. Yadda mean??” Well sure, I get ya, and I’m not saying that you gotta use the HUD. More power to you if it’s not needed. To those that do use it, a ton of information can be gleaned from not only your opponents but surprise surprise, A TON of info will be shown to you on your game, which IMO is the most critical important aspect of those programs.

Getting back to the Poker Purists who don’t need no stinkin’ HUD. That’s cool, but keep in mind, have HEM or PT running in the background sans HUD and just grab that information you are generating each hand that is dealt to you. In other words, say you been grinding some MTTs lately, but for some reason, you have been coming up short (that what she did not say hopefully ;o) ).

You could say, “Yo G, got setups and coolers late in the game, you know how it be!” Ofc, I hurrr dat, but on the real talk, is it definitely run bad, setups, coolers or donkey kongish players? Best way to scope it out is to utilize your HEM or PT, pull the MTT or MTTs in question and run through the hand replayer. That is definitely a “BOSS” move, because you are reviewing your game and figuring out what potential leaks you may have.

2) Speaking of “Scope”, it’s in your best interest to utilize Sharkscope. What is that? It’s a website ( that tracks winning/losing stats of MTT’s and SNG’s of players on various poker sites as well as live play.

“That’s nice John, but how does that make me “3008””? Simple, it will give you at a glance, where your opponents stand in regards to winning or losing and the stakes that they play. So say, you are deep in the Sunday 100K on Merge (if you are, googogogogo!!)
You got moved to a new table and a huge boss stacks is splashing chips…how do deal with Bossman? Wouldn’t it help to see if he does play these stakes (ie: $100 buyin) on the regular or he is a micro hero wannabe that satty’d (satellited) into it?
Does your strategy of play change a bit according to that info? I bet it does!

3) Utilize poker training websites or poker player community sites.

I’m assuming, by the very nature of you reading this blog post, you should be (and if you are not, do it NOW!!) a member of “Obv, FM!” you say, “I be a member in da house of drew, but how does that help moi?”

How does that help you? Cereusly Cereus (bad AP/UB joke there) ?? Take advantage of our Forum section.
Bounce ideas/thoughts/rants/raves/(insert any other word here that applies) using the forums to get info, help, advice
answers and sympathy from the beats from our growing member base (upon time stamp of this blog post we have over 500+ members and growing nicely on a daily basis)

Check out our growing video library of live poker FT sweats and advice that we produce. Videos are held in the Video section of the forums or you can head over to youtube and check the BetOnDrew video channel. Further more, let us know what kind of video content you would like to see, more FT vids, maybe a particular strategy/concept you want explained that our resident experts
can explain.

Speaking of “resident experts”, we got Coaches, B! Yea, that’s right, we got super qualified poker coaches who can take your game from the outhouse all the way up to da Penthouse (no, I’m not referring to the girlie magazine). Very affordable rates, and tbh, genuine folks who really do care about seeing their students improve and accomplish their poker goals. Annnnnddd…. as a special sick treat, one of the coaches (John Gonzales aka DrewPaq), is the owner of this poker site….how crazy is that?

I trust that some of this stuff may be common sense or stuff you already know, but to those that haven’t used the concepts or ideas, DO IT UP! And to those that have but stopped, well….um, yea, DO IT UP!

May your poker game be “3008” not “2000 and late” in 2012 😀

Cheers and Happy New Year!