(Pic from WSOPC in Tunica, MS)

I wouldn’t consider myself a live expert in any way (only been traveling and playing live series in the last 3 moths, with 1 month off) because the majority of my poker experience has come from playing online, but I love playing live… So I’ve made it more of a point to try and start traveling to play live.

This last trip was for a little over a week and spent with a couple of other buddies (gbear and WildWaaland on BOD) so it was great to be able to just be surrounded with poker and people all about poker.

There are some definite differences between online and live play that really stick out in my mind every time I play.  Without getting into too much depth, there is just much more meta game stuff going on live and min raising every hand is much less profitable for the most part in live.

We had an ok amount of success between the 3 of us.  I was fortunate enough to make the Final Table of Event #7 (busted 10th tho, sigh).  Also, gBear made a FT at the Horshoe in one of their Daily Deepstacks, while Cory cashed in Event #12 (12th place) and had a deep run in the 6 handed event.

Here is a link to the Event I FT’d – http://www.wsop.com/tournaments/results.asp?tid=11811&grid=854

Here is a link to Cory’s (C. Waaland) Cashes – http://www.wsop.com/tournaments/results.asp?tid=11809&grid=854



Also you can view our WSOPC profiles here:

Cory – http://www.wsop.com/players/playerprofile.asp?playerID=141677

Me – http://www.wsop.com/players/playerprofile.asp?playerID=138402


Short and maybe choppy blog but I’m still recovering mentally from the trip, so I might need a couple days before I even grind online again, haha… Mental breaks are cool tho.

Overall tho, had a great trip with some good friends, and also got to stop by Memphis and have some Ribs from Corkys famous restaurant.  I’ve tried to get ribs in town here recently since, and I don’t know if anything will ever be the same again… haha.  Damn.


Happy to be home for a little bit tho and looking forward to some online greatness in the meantime 🙂


Good Luck Fellow Grinders