WSOPc Just got back to North Carolina after a week of traveling and playing some circuit events at Caesars, and boy am I tired, haha.  I haven’t traveled for a few months to play and I always forget how much more tiring it can be to have to walk more than 20 feet into my office to play.

That being said, I think I lost some value this trip by not getting enough sleep.  That’s my own fault of course, but on future trips I will make sure to take that more serious and plan even further ahead.

I didn’t run well and hit a cold deck most of the trip, but regardless of whether I’m winning or losing, on the long drives home (hate flying, but will when I have to) I usually end up doing a lot of personal reflection and examine how the week went.  Another thing that came to mind was that I need to embrace certain things a little more, especially with live poker.  There are some different elements in live poker that can be used to your advantage, like talking to your opponents and using probing statements to get information/throw them off their A game.  My friend/roommate Cory Waaland (aka “MJ23stylez” on merge) is the king of this element of poker.  He used this edge he naturally has, along with some solid understanding of poker strategy (obviously), to capture his first WSOP Circuit Ring in Event #1 at Caesars.


(Me, Cory, and our other boy Sonny after the win) 

If you’d like to read more about his win you should check out the WSOP circuit blog.

I’m really proud of him for a few reasons, but mostly for him overcoming some recent adversity life threw at him.  That isn’t done by luck, it’s done by hard work and constantly surrounding yourself with positive things.  Had he not done what I just said, it’s less likely he would have put himself in a position to take down his 1st ring.  Great job bro. 🙂



Pats My boy Sonny and I had to leave on monday, but on our way back to North Carolina we took a detour and got some Pat’s Cheese steaks – BOY WAS IT WORTH IT!  Sonny also had some success in AC as he Final Tabled the 10k gtd at the Nugget – Great job bro!  His game is coming along great, and I have a feeling it’s only gonna get better 😉


That’s about all I got for now.  I’m back home, just cleaned up my grinding area, and am ready to get back to work.

Thanks for reading and see you on the flip 😉