For the money, the lolz, the competition, the recreation or for the love? Maybe a mix of those?

Those who treat poker as a form of lolz, recreation or relaxation, great, I’m happy for ya’ll, but take no offense, this article isn’t for you, I believe People Weekly or Mad Magazine came out with a new issue to read.

This article is dedicated to those who want to pursue poker as a profession, those who want to dedicate their time and energy into to being a better poker player each and every day.

Seemingly, we can say (those who view poker as their profession of choice) that our poker game atm is “X, Y or Z” level. And we can also say that we put in our time grinding, watching poker vids, analyzing HH’s and have discussion with other like minded poker players.

Nice, but why do you play poker?

Let’s dig deeper into the pile of chips here. We play for the freedom that poker can afford for us. We play for the ability to be our own boss. We play for the ability to have things that we couldn’t achieve otherwise (ie: any other potential job).

Cool cool, but now I ask you this: Why is poker playing you?


Ok, maybe I flipped the script on you just like a donkbet that really isn’t weak but a monster set. Hear me out, we play poker for a) freedom b) being da boss c) affording the things we want….so how is it that a huge majority of “pros” expend so much time grinding, not being the boss, and not being able to spend scrilla on the things they want? (Editor’s note: this doesn’t apply to anybody named Drewpaq, Drewpeacoq or YesItsBig) (Editor’s Note 2: Yes, I’m trying to score brownie points from the owner of Betondrew, and yes it’s confirmed)

All right FM, where you taking us? You trying to hit that gutshot or what? Fair ’nuff my grinders, here’s my point, we play poker because we want to better our lives, but if we don’t have any control with poker, our lives stay the same or get worse, ya dig?

I’mma wrap it up B, cuz at this point I may be losing a few of you (yea you, the one that just left this page and went to or was it It’s ok, ur *cough cough* barbie fetish is safe with us)

So, why is poker playing us? Simply put, we allow poker to do so. Playing poker with no schedule, no outside goals (or not sticking to them), and no downtime (or too much downtime).

Does this sound familiar: Burnouts due to grinding, can’t buy/pay bills due to bankroll restrictions, feeling chained to the desk (being bossed), neglecting family, friends, significant others and pets, health is lagging, feeling fat, getting manboobs, etc…

Squash that noise. Quit having poker ck raising u with air. It’s time for you to be the BOSS! Get your sched straight with poker. Pick your days to grind, get ur butt into the gym or whatever [ insert exercise here], make it a point to have time allotted with ur fam bam, ur squeeze, faithful Fido and enjoy yourself. Keep your poker career and all other aspects of your life balanced.

Allow yourself to take control of your poker career, cuz poker don’t play you, you play poker!