My name is John, and I’m an aggroholic.

You may be wondering what sparked this write piece, and here it is.

Ran deep in several MTTs tonight, close to money bubble, FT bubble, etc… with healthy stacks 20bb-36bbs, but for whatever reason, I just couldn’t keep-off-the-darn-aggro-pedal!!

Had a big time drooler who had loads of chips to my right and we clashed it up several times. Final confrontation was me snapping off his 4bet jam 36bbs effective with AQo….yea, that’s right, AQo. I made up my mind before I 3betted him that I was gonna Mr. Snappity-Snap Stanley the Toolbox. He tables 66 and so, obv I’m writing up the obituary here, nice run hero, but rest in peace.

So, we can reflect and stew on that for a minute…drooler with vpip 67 pfr 27 showing all kinds of donkfishyness, standard snap spot, yea? Hmmm….hindsight being 20-20, prolly not. The idea is quite simple, given hero’s “Edge” and stack (I believe I was like 5 or 6th place at the time with 33 ppl left or so), time will eventually gift “LunchBox” chips to moi or to somebody else.

Now, I understand the concept of getting dude’s chips before somebody else gobbles em up, however, critical point to be made…
we ready here?? Critical point is this, given what I’ve said so far, are we supposed to sacrifice our edge by flipping coins against Poker Challenged button clicker? Obv, if stacks were shallower, ship it in and call it an ez game.

Point I’m trying to make here, it’s ok to just avoid those high variance spots even against massive droolers. Keep jabbing away at them, no need to Mike Tyson the fool.

Hope this little rant piece was a simple cautionary tale for those who suffer from the ailments of aggroholicism…it’s just not worth it in the long run EV wise, ya feel me?

Whew, that was therapeutic, much better than me meditating and saying “ommmmmm, ommmmmm” for about ten minutes and then giving up and just chucking the laptop out the window.

MMMkayy, gentle readers, time for me to curl up in a ball and give myself a good cry while repeating, “I’m not a spewtard, I’m not a spewtard, I just need to move up where ppl respect my raises”

Till next time,