is thrilled to announce that widely popular poker commentator and announcer, the man who “makes living making fun of poker players”, Joe Stapleton, will visit its forums to answer questions from fans live, in real-time beginning at 4pm ET on November 20th, 2013.


FlopTurnRiver previously hosted an AMA with another funnyman of poker and WSOP announcer, Norman Chad, who delighted all participants with his hilarious answers. This event with Chad’s British counterpart promises to be equally exciting and entertaining.


Stapleton has worked in various poker shows including both seasons of the PokerStars Big Game and is currently a commentator on the European Poker Tour alongside James Hartigan. Known for his hard work in and out of the studio, Joe is a poker expert himself, having been coached by some of the best in the business. His “on the money” remarks during telecasts have won him adoration from poker fans worldwide as he continues to enrich the poker jargon with his sharp witticisms.


People can participate in the AMA and post their own questions to Stapleton by visiting the following link: