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This breakdown is brought to you by BOD member Corey “iceman57″ Cresenzi (@Corey5775)Corey can be regularly found playing $2/$5 cash games in Florida.
Daytona Beach Kennel Club Poker Room, FL.  $2/$5 NL full table. – buy in 200-500.
AJs in BB. Fairly new to the table, playing roughly ten minutes at the table.  Guy opens 3x from Middle position folded around to me in the BB. I just call.  We are $550 effective.  Flop comes 8 2 3 uncoordinated. I check, with the attention of calling any bet.  He bets 1/2 pot, putting the pot up to $60. The turn comes an A.  I check, and he looks at me and says, “you hit that hard because I did”, and bets out $50.  I call.  The river comes out an offsuit 3.
Now thinking what the villians range possibly is at this point I am thinking somewheres around 99-QQ but mostly 9s-Js.  I think he bets a bit more on the flop with QQ.  Other hands possibly A8, or random 8xs, like 89, 810, 78 and bet big when the ace hit to try to represent.  So with the vast majority of his range being underpairs and we are never folding this river, is it better to lead small into the pot forcing him to call and not giving him the option to check back his range?… OR, do we bet?  The option I ended up choosing was to check/call.  I decided this because given his quick little speech on the turn and his larger pot size bet, I am assuming that he is going to try and continue his bluff on the river to make it look like he is repping a hand that I actually have.  BODJJhand