This past Christmas I remember sitting in front of my computer going thru social media when something that’s been on my mind really hit me… “Man, I want to do something good to help people this holiday season, but what?”  I thought about the things I already do, like volunteer for various non-profits, help with the Special Olympics, donate blood, and be a genuinely nice person to people I come in contact with.  But this was different; I wanted to do something I’ve never done before.  I saw Cory posted something about how he was giving away Denny’s gift cards to homeless people in Vegas, and I was like…”Ok, that’s cool but I don’t have the luxury of money right now.  So what else can I do?”  Then this thought popped in my head, “you have something that most folks these days don’t have the luxury of: time.  Use your time to help people.”  So, I decided to give my time A.K.A. give away some FREE POKER COACHING!

The idea seemed and felt so right in the moment that I committed to it.

I started spreading the word thru social media, and here was the 1st post I made to get it out to the community via advice and strategy forum:

GivebackI got a bunch of responses and referrals.  I also got a lot of praise for doing what I was doing, not only from the small stakes grinders, but the higher stake grinders as well who really respected the gesture.  This all let me know, I was on the right track and God intended for me to reach out to people this way.

I TOOK ON EVERY REFERRAL.  At 1st I was trying to sift thru and decide who I would choose and how I would choose.  Then I realized there is no way I can judge who may gain the most from these free sessions (only God can judge 😉 ).  So, I decided to look at taking everyone on as numerous opportunities to touch someone’s life and impact them in a positive way.  I ended up reaching out to about 20ish people and all but a couple of them ended up getting a coaching session in (~2hr sessions).  I really enjoyed the time I spent with everyone and I feel like everyone got a lot out of our discussions, including myself.

I think it’s also cool that by choosing to give and help others in the way I did, I allowed for others to be giving as well when they referred someone.  So at this point, it becomes a bigger and cooler group effort when I think about it – which is great.

Lastly, I have to say it’s pretty funny how God works… Ever since doing this, not only have some free sessions turned into paid sessions, but my coaching has really jumped up unexpectedly.  At the beginning of this story I didn’t have the luxury of money, so I gave away my time.  Now in return, my time is turning into essentially new money.  Of course when we truly give from the bottom of our hearts we expect nothing in return, BUT I think this is quite funny when you think about the saying  “things happen when you least expect them”. 

I was excited to share this story, because after seeing some of the immediate impacts it’s had on some of these players lives (on and off the poker tables), everything that I had to sacrifice in order to give I’m easily considering – “paid for”.

Moral of this story:  Be creative in finding a way to bless others and expect nothing in return.  That’s when you give the world around you a chance to change.

I want to send a special thanks to everyone who helped me spread the word about this, and all those friends or loved ones who referred someone and gave the gift of poker coaching.

Thanks for reading all and please share/RT/Comment if you feel my vibe.  Cheers 🙂