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There is undoubtedly a little bit of gamble in every poker player, and if you are reading this you are no exception.  So with regular season football around the corner, and many other sporting events on going, now is as good a time as any to start adding some fun to each and every game you watch!  PLACE YOUR BETS!  If you love watching sports placing a small bet can really enhance the experience with friends, or even with your significant other.  A night of half listening to that significant other can easily turn into a night of cheering with them because you BOTH placed a  bet on a team, and now are sweating a last minute drive/shot/charge!

If you sign up via the banners at the top/bottom of this site, or the banners in this post, you will immediately qualify for a deposit bonus.

If you have any questions about this, or are unsure on how to place bets that favor your approach to watching games, feel free to hit up with questions.



Thanks and good luck from BetOnDrew.