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Also known as Fernando by his friends and peers, this poker player can be found grinding cash games on Pokerstars under the alias “fagrello”.  We were fortunate enough to ask Fernando some questions about his cash game grind, and what goals he sets to maintain his Supernova status on Pokerstars.


1 – Can you tell the poker community a little about yourself?  Ok, I’m 34 yo, I’m married with Gaby and we have 2 beautiful children, Eva and Isa. We live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a small but cozy house. I have been playing poker for 12 years, but for 2 professionally.

2 – Are you a full-time poker player and what is your game of choice?  I am, and at the moment I play cash games, just moved up to NL100. Last year I made a living from mttsng (180 mans) with a ROI over 40% on 10k games, but I found cash more reliable at the end of the month and also I was kind of stucked on my poker. Moving to cash forced me to study more.

3 – What is your poker “work” schedule like during a regular week?  3k hands per day, no matter what.  Any time, any day of the week. I only rest on Saturdays, so I can spend the day with family 100%.

4 – Do you do a lot of studying or coaching?  How have you found ways to grow as a poker player?
Well I find a good time to study when I take my 4yo daughter to tennis lessons (twice a week) and mon, wed and fridays when I take care of the 1yo baby(2 or 3 hours each day)

5 – We’ve heard you have been really doing well with cash games.  What do you think the key is to be successful grinding cash games online?  Fernstudy, study, perseverance.

6 – What types of goals do you set, and how do you stay motivated each day to grind?  75k hands each month is enough to keep me motivated

7 – Any advice to players trying to climb stakes in cash games?  well dont go up until you are psychologically comfortable, then after bankroll mngmnt, and a lot of study of your level. Don’t spend time watching videos of nl1k if you are at nl100

8 – What do you like to do in your spare time?  Spend time with family, tennis, some tv series, and play some games with friends


Thanks for reading, and we wish “fagrello” and his family great success in poker and life.  Thanks to Fernando for taking the time out to answer these questions, and we hope you enjoyed.