Today is one of those days where you feel like stopping, but know you have to just keep on doing what you do.  For some this can be related to other things, but for me it directly relates to poker.

Here I sit, 6 tabling, watching tv, and talking on skype like normal.  The reality of things is this tho… I would rather be sleeping or playing COD on the couch.  My back has been really hurting me lately, which I’m sure is because of poor posture when sitting in front of the computer, but could also be lack of exercise and whatever else.  I guess I’m thinking it’s my chair, so I gotta get me a new one FAST!

Also, my girlfriends parents wanted to buy us a new bed for Christmas.  So last night with my hurt back, I was cleaning out the garage (because I busted my games early, haha) and getting ready for the early morning bed delivery to come.  Got to bed around 4a.m and her mother was calling our cells non-stop from 730a-830a.  Ok, I saw it ringing but I’m not answering the phone from the mother in-law at 730a.m.  Brandy finally answers the phone at 830a.m. and then I can’t fall asleep anyway, haha… Geez.

Ok, so anyway… it’s just been a heck of a morning, and last couple of days with my back and what not, ugh.  Moral of the story here is that I’m still here, I’m feeling sharp, and I’m not gonna let anything hold me down with poker because I been DOIN THE TABLES DIRTY!  This week, I’ve got 3 wins, 6 FTs, 15 min cashes and on top of that I’ve had some great coaching sessions with some of my boys and a new bed!

All in all, I’m doing alright… Poker better do me alright 😉


Ciao for now!