What it do players!!

Today is the start of my “weekend”, lol. I get every Wed and Thurs off, and so that is when I can put in a FULL grind. Felt like I needed to get a new location for the grind station and moved it from the bedroom into the living room again. Keep in mind, this is not like the droolers that play live cash $6/$12 limit, who constantly switch seats because their last seat was bad and the new seat could potentially be “lucky”. (Editor’s Note: when playing live, encouraging the degens to sit directly to your right because the lucky seat is now open is obv +EV)

So many juicy MTTs on a Wednesday…too sick! They got this new $20K Guaranteed $109 freeze called the “Wed Evening 109”, looks promising. They also got the “MidWeek Monster”, which I must say, has a pretty cute (*cough* no homo *cough, cough*) looking avatar “The Monster”. Would love to have that avatar on my mantle…then again, haven’t binked a single MTT yet for 2012, so any avatars or binks would be enthusiastically welcomed, lol!

Speaking of being “Binkless in Santa Clara”, what to do to remedy that? Been watching alot of Tournament Poker Edge videos. Great analysis and always fun to watch live sweats of the online pros as they cruise to binkdom. Check out www.tournamentpokeredge.com for more info on the only
poker training site dedicated strictly to online/live tournament poker!!

Also, been going to this Wed Study Poker Group hosted by our very own fearless leader “DrewPaq”.
I missed today’s session, but I promised Drew that I will find a totally embarrassing HH of mine for them to review next week if needed. Hit up Drew via skype “Neopolitan8” to get in on next Wed Study Group.

Hope something breaks through soon, it’s so sweet to see all the BOD Squad peeps doing it big in the 2K12…Agskillz, Drewpaq, Purrr, Gbearr, just to name a few…and ofc, to the one’s soon to make noise, let me hear ya BINK!!!

Gonna be doing some more vid work for betondrew, so give me a holler on what kind of vids you like to see, HH reviews, BOD Briefs, Poker Lifesyle, etc… Speaking of vid’s we are able now to post vids on our activity page. Give it a try and show us what vids u like or grind to!!

Stay Steady Binking!