Just recently got home from my 1st trip to Vegas for “work”. When I say “work” ofc I mean “play poker”.

Despite only cashing in 1 tourney, it was overall a great experience.

I got to see some of the biggest names in poker – Phil “All I do is Final Table” Ivey, Scotty Nguyen, Eric Seidel, and Phil Hellmuth.

Only having been playing poker seriously for about 2.5 years, this was a really good experience being exposed to the environment.  Being in the Rio (where WSOP is held) just made me feel like I was home and could stay forever. Hearing the chips clanging is almost relaxing to me at this point, haha…

Since I’m not in Vegas often I wanted to Casino hop a little and check out different Venues.  Below is where I got to play and the tourney info:


$235 WSOP Daily Deepstack, 15k start and 30 minute levels – This tourney was easily drawing 1k+ fields, so the 1st place prize was always between $40-$50k.  That’s more than some of the WSOP Circuit Events that cost $340.  I played this tourney 3 times and min cashed 1 (113/1299).


$200 Big Bounty at Venetian, 10k start and 30 minutes levels – Another nice structure, but the Venetian poker room was very solid.  Dealers were better than the majority of the WSOP ones, AND when the floor was getting off his shift, he came around to every table and said “I’m getting off my shift now but want to thank you for playing here”.  I almost fell out of my chair.


$135 Grand Series Event in the Golden Nugget, 12k start, 40 minutes levels – Dealers here seemed to be decent no real complaints. Tourney was nice with 40 minute levels and chairs were not bad (haha odd things to say to some but when you sit for hours on end it adds up)…

Also, while I was in Vegas I got to go see a minor league game (Las Vegas 51s) with Jeff Miller and some Card Runners guys and a writer for Bluff. Good times there indeed.

Last but not least I also got to meet Collin Moshman.  He’s the leader of the Team Moshman Site that offers coaching and staking (I also do coaching for his site).  Feel free to check out his site here. Was a pleasure to meet you Collin!


So now I’m home and grinding online again.  I don’t think I will travel again until the WSOP Circuit starts up later this year.  I’m excited and positive that a big win is coming soon… Stay tuned in 🙂 If you want to see some pics I took while there feel free to click this link to my facebook album.


Shout out to all the grinders reading this and my boys still out there in Vegas (Cory, Cash, Doug)!


P.S.  Haha, it was nice to meet you too Focused!!!!  You thought I forgot, pfftt. 😉