Hello all and happy 2013!  Good to see anyone reading this survived the apocalypse last month.  Anyway, I’m going to share an email from a student of mine along with my response.  I hope that you may find value in the words.  Cheers.


“I just wanted to say iv been doing my HH reviews 2013 and my play has gone back so much im playing like i use to when i 1st started. Only after a really bad beat tho, which seems to be happening in every 1 of my 1st games like AA kk aks vs some jackass hand 67s … After this im goin into auto mode kinda and just playin really now after i know what im doin wrong which is playin really badly and not using my head at all.  My thoughts were at 1st that i was just playin poor still, kinda head fucked from new years but…..any tips to help with this?”


My Response:


Well the gym is a great idea.  Healthy body = Healthy mind = Focused Poker player.  I get up everyday and make sure to stretch very well.  Just stretching alone helps to reduce stress, but it also releases endorphins into the brain which can help increase focus, so as you can see going to the gym will accomplish a lot of this too.

The key to your problem tho is just finding a way to stay focused.  You have an unfortunate spot and then you become “sad” and revert to old ways that are “easy” because the “sad” makes us mentally “tired”… if that makes sense.  So, the key is gonna be finding a way to stay focused (Mentally tough) when that happens and usually that will all be solved once you remove emotions more and more from the game.

Let me ask you this… If you just lost a game of street fighter on PS3 would you be so upset that you didn’t try harder next time?  I know the answer is no.  What about if you lost a chess/checkers/monopoly game in real life to someone?  I bet you forget about it fast and just try harder to not lose next time right?

Ok, so what’s the difference?  There is money involved with poker, that’s really it.  A lot of those professional gamers that move to playing online are playing 24 games at a time (auto-piloting usually) and view it just as that… a game… video game… That’s why they can do what they do.  They find a way to beat the game (to whatever extent) and don’t let it bother them too much… they just keep grinding.  It took me awhile at 1st, but you really just need to view this game as such.  Poker is A game that if played properly (Starting from BRM) it will return you money, but people get too caught up in the money part and lose focus on the process of playing the game properly.

Don’t focus on that big hand you lost early in your session, just view it as “you lost a life in Mario and now have to start the level over”, aka “start a new game”.  Push forward and do it confidently!

p.s. Confidence will come from setting yourself up for success before every game – Studying regularly, Playing focused with no distractions, Get a coach, Stay motivated, and Stay Healthy.

I hope this helps 🙂