I’m clearing up my schedule for the afternoon/evening online grind. Speaking of that, I would like to spend a few hundred words going over that particular topic.

It is truly important to have time set exclusively for the online poker grind. Throwing up some MTT’s cuz you got a few hours to kill is not a good idea. Firing up a heavy set of tournaments will not be a smart thing to do if you are not certain as to what your plans are for the rest of the day.

I see this happen alot where someone is deep into a tournament yet has to leave because of issues such as: gotta goto work, have to meet up with friends/family, falling asleep, passing out drunk, or the house is on fire (well, leaving cuz the house being on fire isn’t really your fault, lol).

It sucks to have those moments because if you are deep in MTTs you won’t be able to realize your potential win/profit. Futhermore, the anxiety and stress that you would put on yourself because you are crunched for time is just pointless.

So, how to combat that? Well, let me give you a snapshot of my “planning” for today.

I woke up, went to the bathroom, scratched my butt, er wait….you didn’t want all the details of my day right?

This is my thought process. I review all the things I need to do such as errands for bills/groceries, clean house, laundry, provide assistance to friends/family, do my workouts, some quiet time with God, finish producing vlogs, write poker articles, produce poker videos, post on www.betondrew.com, review my past MTTs via Holdem Manager, HH reviews with fellow poker sharks, and catch up on poker stuff via 2p2, Skype, Fulltiltpoker.net.

Once everything is accounted for and I know I don’t have anything else pending for the rest of the day I then scan the lobby and sticky a heavy set of MTTs to do. After that, I simply evaluate how things are and maybe fire up some more MTTs provided I won’t be falling asleep at the computer or jeopardizing my energy to grind for the next day.

That’s it guys, pretty simple but I guarantee if you don’t adhere to that, grinding the mtts and turning a profit will be way more difficult than it needs to be.

Stay Steady Binking!