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Recently we were able to catch up with the online grinder known as “Skiiirrrtttt” on the Winning Poker Network.  This year they were able to accomplish a feat some may only dream of… Deposit $50 and turn it into $35k in 1 month!  Yes, you are reading that correctly.  They have been crushing since, and have jumped to be ranked 777th in the world, 8th in the USA, and 1st in NC via tournament rankings.  We hope that you can find some inspiration and motivation in the thoughts they shared with us below.  Cheers and Enjoy!

1 – Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in poker?  I am 23 years old. I am from Charlotte, NC. I Graduated college in December with a degree in Finance.

2 – Do you play poker full-time or part-time?  What do you enjoy doing with your non-poker time?  I play poker part time, more so for fun and competition than anything else. I also have a full time job as well as an Analyst at a mortgage company.

3 – You recently turned a small deposit of $50 on Americas Cardroom into ~$35,000 in 1 month… Amazing.  How do you think this was possible and what were your expectations when you made the deposit?  I ran really good at the beginning. When I first put the money on I had a plan to play low buy in jackpot sit & gos but ended up playing a $40 once I made some profit. It ended up being a $240 and I won it. I played a few more ran well and ended up having enough where I took some shots at MTT’s. I won one that night and had 1.5 k to play around with. I had no desire to use any BR management since I don’t consider poker a job. I played PLO, 5/10 and up to 25/50. There was one player who I played HU and was able to keep beating session after session. After all said and done I had $10,000 from cash games and various MTTs. This tpBODwriteupwas ~2 weeks after my initial deposit. I decided to back players and the second sunday I had one come in 3rd in the 100 k gtd for 9 k and he was able to get top 3 in the 25 k as well the same day. I went on a brief downswing from backing and playing after this but 2 weeks later I ended up winning the 110 k gtd for $25,000. Was the biggest score I’ve had, my 2nd being a 6th place finish in the 750 k gtd when I was 16 for ~23 kish. The following Wednesday I managed to ship the 30 k $109 for another $6,000.

4 – Any plans for the profit you’ve made thus far, and has it changed your life in any ways?  I just moved into a new place. I really am not a big spender except on trips/nights out etc. I would rather spend money on experiences then material things. I was actually scammed out of a lot of money on a site called localbitcoins when i tried selling the bitcoins I cashed out on True Poker. Please everyone be very cautious of who you do business with.

5 – Do you prefer to play online or live poker?   I prefer live poker but I never have any time to play. I am able to make very good decisions live and I stay very focused. I also enjoy the social aspect of live poker.

6 – Any advice for others who would love to accomplish the same feat you have?   You have to be willing to gamble but also play well at the same time. When i say gamble I am strictly talking about using a very aggressive bankroll management approach. I definitely prefer playing lower variance games at first such as sit & gos and then moving toward MTT’s and cash games like PLO. Also play what you’re good at. I have been playing tournaments for years and years and I was able to learn from one of the best the top NLHE tournament players in the world (bdybldngpkr).

7 – Do you have anyone in the poker world that you could say you look up to and why?  Definitely my brother, he is very accomplished and always amazes me with his analysis of hands. He has been out of the live poker scene for a little while but he continues to go deep and crush on bovada.

8 – Any shout outs or anything else you’d like to mention to readers?  Shout out to Macho2701 on P5’s and SquirrelPoker. Both of these guys made me some money while I was backing which is always appreciated.