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Awhile ago we were able to catch up with the online grinder known as “CommasAfterCommas” on the merge network.  Just this past year they were able to accomplish a very tough feat of winning THREE Carbon OPS events in 1 seriesMacho2701If you aren’t aware Carbon OPS is an Online Poker Series of tournaments that have a set schedule of events and conclude with a Main Event.  These series bring out a lot of players, which means bigger fields and tougher opponents, so this is quite a nice accomplishment.  We picked their brain and here is what we learned.  Enjoy and make sure to follow @BeefieCee on twitter.

1 – Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in poker?

I 1st learned to play cards as a youth. My grandmother is a killer Gin Rummy player and she taught me when I was around 4-5 years old. Where I 1st learned how to play NLH was in Fresno County Jail in cali. I made tons of bad decesions as a kid, Thats a whole other story. My bunky was an old asian dude who would crush ppl for soups and what not.
I got him to teach me to play only because he had troubles collecting what he had won. I would help him out with that and he would share his profits and teach me the game.

2 – Do you play primarily online or live poker?

Aww man bro I use to kill the Club one $200 spread limit game. I use to really grind a ton live after Black friday. Since I joined the Number 1 coaching site on the world wide web 4to1dog coaching community Ive focused almost 100% on online play

3 – Do you play full time or part time?  If part time, what else do you do?

Full time grinder my man. I did have a decent retail manager job ($60-$70k a year)that I lost in August. Hated it!! I convinced my Girl to allow me to try to live my “dream”. If it dose not work out I’d just go back into the work force.Honestly its been rough a couple of times but Ive been clutch when I needed to be.

4 – You won Carbon OPS #15, #18, #50, and the Merge Sunday Big $11 all in February (among other wins) – wow!  How does it feel to have this type of month?

Well it feels great!!I hit a few home runs but I have put all that behind me.I think its super important to have a good mindset in poker. Yeah I mean its cool I won 3 ops mtts in a series but I don’t want to be one of those guys with a mid week monster badge like im cool.The damn mid week monster aint even around!! shit I know a guy who wears a $500 super stack badge with pride but didn’t win the mtt.
I haven’t done anything in the game but for some reason a lot of people look at me as if I did. I just keep my head down and keep working on my game.

5 – Anything thing strategically in your game you feel helped you with all your recent success?

I make certain adjustments sooner then other with my stack sizes. re-jamming and calling off more light. I know Im playing my game when I see the tears in the chat box. Its funny how many ppl have hated on me who are now gone. Ive only been grinding hard 6-7 months.

6 – Do you attribute your overall success to anything specifically (studying, coaching, lifestyle change, mindset change…)?

The number #1 thing is probably my work ethic followed closely by 4to1dog coaching. Having no education and coming from the background I come from I’m up against a lot of math wizards and super kids. I need to work ten times harder then them just to stay afloat.

7 – What are your plans moving forward to capitalize on all this momentum?

I mean having another month like February for me is going to be hard to repeat. My main goal is to be profitable every month in 2015. With an avg buy in of $15 $8k in profit is gonna be hard to do again on one site. Id like to spread my wings and get onto Bovada and WPN but with the speed in which these merge checks are coming it seems impossible.
Ive been mulling over getting a backing deal but I really would like merge just to get there act together.

8 – Who are your biggest poker influences that have helped mold your game today?

Lilholdem954 I probably wouldn’t have tried online poker if I didn’t hear his story. We where Facebook friends for a minute he gave me quite a few tips but after his huge scores a year or so ago I haven’t had contact with him. Great guy very misunderstood.

9 – What do you think is the best advice you could give others looking to re produce the results you are starting to accumulate?

Honestly dump the Ego and put in the work and just be honest with yourself. Also if you scared to lose a flip deep don’t play the mtt.

10 – Congratulations on all your success and we hope to see you continue crushing!  Are there any shout outs you’d like to share with us?

I’d like to shout WillisMcCoyP5s,Fabofabe85,4to1dog and the whole 4to1dog staff and students.