So the last couple weeks we have been posting some strategy articles to hopefully help anyone out that is seeking to grow their game.  This week we are going to take a different approach and challenge you with a set of tasks… 4 to be exact.

Another thing that is different about this non-strategy article is that you will also be rewarded prizes for the first 2 to finish the tasks.

The tasks may be another day in the park for some, and maybe more of a thing to experiment with for others.  Either way, I feel it’s  great for the advancement of your game, to be open minded to trying something new.  You never know what you may find out. 🙂

Also, I thought this might be a fun and competitive way to get the forums going like they were a couple months ago.  I have to admit I’ve been somewhat lazy with posting my hands like I used to and doing the freerolls and what not, BUT I am hoping this can help. 🙂

If you aren’t already playing on Carbon Poker, I play there and for future promos and challenges its easiest for me to xfer money from there.  Feel free to click the banner below to download it and hit me up on skype if you need help or have questions “neopolitan8”.


As always thanks for taking the time out to visit the my site and I wish you all well on your poker journeys!

Oh the link to the forum post with all the challenge details —>


-Drew and the rest of BOD