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Recently we were able to catch up with another online grinder who was able to accomplish a very cool feat, which may not seem like a big deal to some, but to the wiser the value in his accomplishment will be immediately respected.  His name is Nick Mackey (@Squibsorz) and this is his story.


1.Tell everyone a little about yourself, and how you became part of the poker community?  I’m 24 years old living in Brighton,MI where I own a pizza shop as my “day job”. I played poker in High School here and there, but nothing serious. I started seriously getting into poker in the spring/summer of 2008 after moving back from my freshman year of college. I played some small home games and charity poker tournaments which really got me interested in the game. At first I didn’t want to deposit money and lose it all so I would play every freeroll I could on Stars/FTP until I felt comfortable enough with making a deposit. I min deposited on both sites and never looked back.
2. How many hours a week do you get to play poker?  Is it all online, or do you play live as well?  I play somewhere between 40-50hrs a week. Recently its all been online for convenience as I don’t have the time to drive and play live.

3. We’ve heard you turned 2 minimum deposits on 2 separate online sites into nice 4 figure bank rolls.  Did you plan this going in, or did it just happen?  Yes, I planned on running the deposits up to a NickMworkable roll without re-depositing but it wasn’t a “bankroll challenge” or anything like that. After moving/opening a business back in June I didn’t have a lot of extra cash on hand so I couldn’t deposit enough to play the games I felt I should be playing. Also with having taken a month off of playing I figured it would be a good way to refocus without blowing a bunch of money.

4. What types of games have you been playing and on what sites?  I play mtts on Merge(NickMackey) and Black Chip Poker(SenorRawPower). At the beginning of running the roll up I also played SnG’s because of the small number of MTTs there was to play with proper bankroll management.  As far as stakes go I play what my BR allows. I play any mtt I have 100x BI for and 50x on SnG(sometimes 30x for STT). At the very beginning, as I only had $50, I stretch it a bit and play any $1 mtt also even though I’m not technically rolled for it. I’m super strict about my BR management as well.

5. Before your deposits you were busto, so what did you do differently this time around?  I hadn’t busted my poker rolls from playing or anything like that. I had to pull my rolls offline to cover some expenses. This isn’t the first time I’ve run bankrolls up from min depos. On Stars/FTP I only ever min deposited once each and before Black Friday I had about 14k profit between the 2 sites playing micro/low mtts. After BF I wasn’t sure if I trusted putting money online but wanted to play so I min depo’d on Lock and ran that up to about 4k. I withdrew all of that and started being backed for a short period of time so that’s why I had no money of my own online. I was definitely more prepared to run it up this time because I knew what it took.

6. What has been your biggest motivation?  My biggest motivation is wanting to make the transition to play more full time. Not long before BF I was going to make the jump but luckily I hadn’t pulled the trigger yet.

7. Have you been working on your game off the felt during this time?  I’ve always tried to work on my game off the felt, but I had been being lazy about it. The last two months I’ve been watching alot more training videos on and trying to force myself to do HH reviews. I’m also thinking about poker ALOT.

8. What future plans and goals do you have going forward?  I’d still like to be playing a little bit higher stakes than I currently am so that’s definitely a goal. I’m also hoping to play in my first real live tournaments sometime in the next year. Maybe a few WSOPc series or the HPT event at Soaring Eagle.

Squib9. What is the best advice you can give others who want to build a bank roll?  Bankroll management is key. It’s tempting to want to take some shots especially when you know you can be playing higher, but you just have to grind it out. Playing satties will help being able to play some bigger tournies to keep it exciting. Also remembering the level of player you’re playing against. It’s easy when you’ve played higher to try and make plays in low stakes that wont work because the players just don’t understand what your representing. It can be very frustrating.

10. Any shout outs or other words of wisdom you’d like to share with the poker community?  Well first I’d like to that you for giving me this opportunity and taking notice of the small accomplishment. I’d also like to give a shout out to the guys at for not only providing me with great content to help me get better, but also providing a super supportive community to talk poker with. Having a people to talk to like James “Rivermen123” Lambert and Derek “Killingbird” Tenbusch has been great. A solid group of people to bounce hands/ideas off is one of the most valuable learning tools.


Thanks again to Nick for taking the time to share his thoughts and to everyone for reading.  Can you turn $50 into $1,000+… twice???  Maybe now you will have a little bit more wisdom to do just that.  🙂