FocusedMotionRecently we had BetOnDrew member/contributor John “focusedmotion” Lombard put together a live sweat FT video that he played on Aced Poker.  We asked some questions so that we could provide background to anyone watching his video. 

Thanks to John for sharing this with us, and hope you enjoy watching/commenting.


BOD:  Why did you decide to make this video?

John:  Something I do when reaching a Final Table.
I like to post it on my focusedmotion channel and also like to use it for
BOD:  What did you hope to accomplish by sharing this video?
John:  Provide entertainment, hopefully some good tips/advice and also promote
poker strategy conversations.
BOD:  Any key concepts you tried to touch on during the video?
John:  Since getting back into the poker scene recently it’s been more so being
aware of players tendencies and image.
BOD:  Any other thoughts you’d like to share with the poker community?
John:  Poker is a great game with alot of skills that can be used in everyday life.


Thanks for watching and please leave comments below.  Also, if you are a member of the poker community and would like to submit a video or article via the BOD site like John’s, please feel free to contact us via twitter (@betondrew_com) or email  We will be happy to review, post, and share on our social networks!

*John is a long time BetOnDrew contributor, husband, and poker player from the West Coast.  You can follow him on twitter via @focusedmotion.