SteveRecently we had BOD member Steve put together a video reviewing a cash game he played on Black Chip Poker.  We asked some questions so that we could provide background to anyone watching his video.  Thanks to Steve for sharing this with us, and hope you enjoy watching/commenting.




BOD:  Why did you decide to make this video?

Steve:  I made this video to explain my thought process while in a hand.

BOD:  What did you hope to accomplish by posting this video?

Steve:  I want to help anyone who’s at a lower level & also to expose myself to critiquing from high level players as well.

BOD:  Any key concepts you tried to touch on during the video?

Steve:  Player dynamics, hand ranges, and bet sizing.

BOD:  Any other thoughts you’d like to share with the poker community?

Steve:  Nothing else I can think of, but I look forward to hearing questions or comments.



Thanks for watching and please leave comments below.  Also, if you are a member of the poker community and would like to submit a video or article via the BOD site like Steve’s, please feel free to contact us via twitter (@betondrew_com) or email  We will be happy to review, post, and share on our social networks!

*Steve is an East Coast grinder, member of Team Heads Up Poker Gear (@HeadsUpGear), and plays MTTs and Cash games.