So when poker maximus began I had high hopes of winning an event, and then i saw the size of the fields. Not to say that i didn’t think it was still possible, but suffice to say that with the size of the fields i knew mathematically my chances weren’t as good as I had initially thought. So, last nights win didn’t come as a total surprise to me, especially after getting to the final table with 100bb, but it was everything that i had hoped for in maximus in one fell swoop. This is kind of a brag blog and i’m going to highlight some key hands that played out along the way in the crazy fight through a field of 1500.

Now, i have no idea of the timeline on all of this. It was something like a 10-11 hour tournament so it’s really all just a series of flashes in my memory but here goes. The first hour was the rebuy period and I managed to double up plus a little after a few rebuys. The next hour was more interesting, but again, nothing really comes to mind. I had a big hand in there, i know i did, but i don’t recall what it was, but i know it put me up into the top 100 or so stackwise. The first truly big hand i remember came a bit later. I had raised and been 3bet with a7s. I chose to flat just to see a flop and see what would happen. I had been very active at this point so honestly thought the guy could be on a steal.. well, he wasn’t. Flop came out 887. I bet out, he raised and i jammed. I put on my sad face when he turned over a pair of queens.. I put on a happy face when the turn brought an ace to save me. 😀

The A7 hand brought me up over 40k in chips and sitting very very healthy at this point. The next hand that comes to mind is another case of thepurrr getting lucky, but i actually like the play here. I had been dealt KJs in the small blind and the button had made a standard smallish raise. I decided to get froggy here and 3bet him. I hadn’t been as active at this table so i expected i would get some respect, sadly, i was wrong and he made a smallish 4bet. At this point i had to make a decision, give up, or jam. I didn’t feel like he had a really strong hand (meaning a big pocket or AK) so i figured i could make him fold with a shove. So i jammed in, he snap called with AQ. Now, although his call was ‘correct’ i really don’t like it. He should have been folding here as it was probably a 40bb shove that he was calling off with AQ. That said, he was right but the flop came out sooooo nice for me. Flopped a flush draw and he missed everything making me the favorite to win. River brought the flush and a pile of chips my way.

From this point i was very healthy in the tournament and i believe in the money. We had already been playing for hours and there were still hours in store. Now, this is my second favorite hand of the tournament. Raised with k5o on the button and had a tight player call from the BB. Dreamy flop for me hitting 2 pair on a kq5 board. Interesting enough the villain bet out. I thought for a second and decided he had to have the king with me so i raised the flop. He thought for a second and called. Turn came out blank and he insta jammed. At this point him and I were the big stacks at the table. We were in the money with 40 people left. His jam made no sense. Was a huge overbet of the pot. I believe my loose image and some history came into play here but anyway, i obviously called this spot. He flipped over K2 and i took a monster pot and jumped into the chip lead in the tournament.

You want to talk about healthy, from here on out in the tournament i was in the top 3 until the end. Fast forward a bit and we are closing in on the final table and i have pocket 3’s. I was in middle position and UTG had raised and i had flatted. Lo and behold the cutoff 3bets it up. At this point I had to give him credit for a big hand, and i would have folded my 3’s but he was the other big stack at the table and i was getting odds on the call. UTG folded and i call. Flop comes out and we hit our set. Uhoh for him. Since i figured he had a big hand i went ahead and bet out trying to induce the raise. I got exactly what i asked for and with his raise i was able to get him to commit his stack on the flop. Basically he raised i jammed, he called, and turned over his poor pair of Aces. Game over for him and me back into the chip lead. Favorite hand of the tournament for me 😀

Final table of this tournament was insane. Average stack was something like 50+ blinds i think, when we got there i was at 100+bb so there was some deep stack play going on. I had one knockout with AJ vs AK for the suckout on a 10bb shove, but other than that I mainly just stole blinds forever lol. So let use fast forward again and we are down to 5 people. We have been playing with 5 for something like an hour at this point and it’s been sooooo boring but people are finally starting to get short. And then it happened, I get dealt QQ in the SB. UTG shoves for 10ish BB and then the button reshoves 20 more BB. Now, to be honest, i wasn’t in love with my queens, i was kind of figuring the second shove for AK and i hated it. I hadn’t flipped in hours and i didn’t want to now, but the hand was too good and there was no chance i was folding. So call and fall into a dream situation. 99, JJ and me with QQ. Queens hold and i take out two, become monster chip leader and we are down to 3.

Three handed play was boring. I robbed them blind. That’s the story. I had too many chips and they didn’t fight back enough and i just stole constantly. Ended up one of them taking out the other and we went into heads up with 7 million+ in chips to his 4 million. Sounds like a lock. Well, it wasn’t. He battled himself into the chip lead. And then i battled my way into the chip lead. And then we both flopped top pair but he had the better kicker so he took the chip lead back. At this point there was some frustration and I was down to about 20bb so it was time to go super aggro. Lots of shoving from here on out. 3bet shoves. Open shoves from the SB. check raise shoves with middle, top or bottom pair on the flop just trying to chip back up. I was successful and got up to 30-40bb. Not sure exactly but i had closed the gap considerably. Which brings us to AK in the SB. Like i said i was shoving so much I figured he had to be getting antsy for the call so i thought for a second and then jammed. He insta called with AQ. Another dream spot for me. We hold and take over a monster chip advantage. he has somewhere around 10bb at this point 2 hands later, i shove 87o from the SB, he called with K10, i made a straight on the turn and that is what we call game over.

So, that is my maximus story. So proud of myself and so happy with how i ran. This was my biggest cash ever and I really feel like i earned it. I did get lucky in a couple of spots but all said, i know i played pretty great. Ok, now someone else go win some maximus awesomeness!!! 😀