R.A.K. = Random Act of Kindness. 

I think we are given numerous opportunities thru out the course of a regular week to carry out a R.A.K., but most of the time we choose not to because it’s “out of our way”, or we “don’t have time”, and often it’s just because we aren’t even paying attention to our surroundings.  I think if we could all try to focus our attention more on the world and the people we pass daily, do a R.A.K. here and there, we can inspire others to step out and do more for our fellow brothers and sisters making this world at least a little bit better.  I made this post on Facebook a little bit ago and want to share it with anyone who didn’t see it or isn’t friends with me on there.  So, check out my R.A.K. and hopefully I inspire you to inspire someone else!  Cheers and God bless 

RAKfrankywordsFeel free to add me on Facebook if you’d like.  Below are a couple pics to help you envision the momen…

RAKfrankyThe bag was filled with:  Dog treats, Dog food, Popup Doggy bowl, New Dog Toy, Bottled waters, Water Thermos, Subway giftcard we had, a Bible, Clean wipes, Pop tarts, Toasted PB&J, Homemade Chocolate Chip cookies, a Flashlight, and a Banana.  You don’t need money or anything special to perform a R.A.K., it’s about using what you’ve been blessed with to bless others.

I hope you enjoyed this and If anyone has a R.A.K. they’d like to share with the community, please email me at betondrew@gmail.com and I’ll make sure to share it for you.