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This Breakdown is brought to you by John “DrewPeacoq8″ (@DrewPeacoq8)


Best Bet Poker Room in Jacksonville, FL.  $2/$5 cash game. ~$400 stack effective ($500 max buy-in), Hero has about $800.


Early position aggressive player opens to $30, there are 3 callers and it comes to me in the SB with AKo.  I make it $140 and get 3 callers and 1 fold.  Here with AKo out of position I know I likely have the best hand and want to get a little isolation, but I dont get much at all.  I could have maybe made it a little bigger to get the isolation at a higher frequency, but I had not been sitting long enough to assume I’d only get 1 fold here, and with shorter stacks behind it’s real close I think.  With this sizing and stacks involved tho I fully assume there is a high % chance someone is all-in on the flop.   Pot is ~$600.  Flop comes A64ss, I check assuming I’m ahead and want the other stacks to commit more chips, EP aggro player makes it $75, Spanish dude (Villain) makes it $240 and is all-in.  A short stack behind him gets in the rest of their $120, and then I re raise all-in to isolate, and EP aggro player folds.  I got exactly what I wanted as far as the flop action goes and given the preflop action/Stack sizes I’m assuming there are more high cards in these players ranges, which makes me a huge favorite.  Pot is ~$1275.  The board runs out spades, short stack mucks and Spanish dude flips over AxJs to win the BODajoakpot vs my AcKd.  Villain Claims they knew it was coming, and did numerous fist pumps as they racked up their chips to immediately leave… lol.  Sigh.




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