It’s been quite sometime since I’ve last written a blog. I’ve started up a few in the last couple of months but haven’t had the focus to finish them, but I feel like I’ve dealt with some of my writers block and am feeling pretty good again. neodad

Anyway, the love of my life (Ms. Brandy) got a promotion at her job that required us to make a move about 2 months ago. The move was great and I think it was much needed for the stage of our life we are at. Of course there is a process with moving, but after a lot of research and visiting homes we found one that fit us perfectly!  I’m extremely happy with where we are at and how things are going. We live real close to the beach now as well, and there is something about laying on the beach that just puts me at ease. I mean if you think about it, the beach is the only place that everyone is on the same page. They are all there to just relax and not worry about their life problems. Where else can you just walk away from your stuff in public and not have to worry about it being lifted? No one wants to start shit and people respect others space (for the most part). So anyway, I’ve found some peace in the beach and those thoughts.

IMG_3298The new area we live in has inspired me to get in touch with my cooking side a little bit more too. I am now pretty sure that if I didn’t have poker, I could easily be passionate about being a chef of some sort. There is just something about creating a meal from scratch that brings me joy, not to mention if it actually tastes good… that’s just a bonus 🙂 For now, it’s a great low variance hobby that keeps me sane when times in poker can be rough.

Nothing on the poker side has really changed much for me, but I’ve been focusing on studying the mental side of my game lately. The motivation behind this could be due to a number of reasons, but ultimately I decided that regardless of what’s going on, I need to stay mentally strong when it’s easiest to not be. In the darker times of poker it can be super easy to lose focus and I find that discovering ways to stay inspired and motivated is important. So, in an effort to keep me motivated and focused I decided to get some pictures blown up and put in my office.

I’d like to thank my friend “Poppy” at for doing a great job with these. The service and speed of the transaction was great. What else could you want? 🙂  I find the second you forget what you are fighting for, you lose the motivation to fight. Never give up. Find ways to succeed. The path to success is different for all of us, but the mindset along the way isn’t.


Cheers and thanks for reading!