Sooooooo, I’ve decided to start blogging about memorable, and usually funny experiences I’ve had in my life.  The main reason for this is so that I don’t ever forget them, but also I guess it’s nice to have some filing cabinet for these memories in case I ever want to look back.  So with all that said, blogging about these experiences seems like it will be fun.  I hope you enjoy.

I thought it would be fitting for the 1st story to be from the early stages of my life.


My birthday is in October, which is past the normal cutoff time for kids to enter school, but by some means I was able to start at the age of 4.  I’m not gonna lie I was/am very much a Mommas boy.  I was the kid who was always attached to my Moms leg, or wanting her to pick me up.  It could be in part to the fact that my birth father wasn’t around much due to being in the Army, but also my parents split at an early age, so my Mom was really all I knew or could relate to.  So you can imagine me going to school for the 1st time was just overwhelming, and I definitely cried when my Mom left me that 1st day.  Fortunately, by this time of my life my mother had remarried to the man I still today call Dad.  He had decided to stay with me a little while longer to make sure I was going to be ok by myself, but also because it was the only way I’d let my Mom leave.  🙂

At some point my Dad felt like it was time to leave so I asked if he’d take me to the bathroom first.  I went to a small grade school and the bathroom for the kindergarten kids was just down the hall from my main class room.  It was actually smaller than regular bathrooms so I guess that was cool.  Anyway, we went down there and he told me to go ahead in and do my business.  No problem – I’ve done this before.  I get what needs to happen from here, so I go in pretty confident from what I remember.  The problem comes in when my Dad notices I’m in there much much longer than he had anticipated.  It eventually gets to the point where he feels like he has no choice but to go in and make sure I’m ok.  He goes in and the next thing I hear is, “John Ray what are you doing?!”.  I’m fairly new to the world at this point and I was kind of confused why he was coming at me like this, but when he tells the story to others it becomes pretty clear why.  The punchline goes like this:  “So I go into the bathroom and turn the corner and what do I see?  John Ray with his pants around his ankles, standing in line behind 3 other little boys waiting to go BODurinalpee.”  “I looked at John Ray’s face and he genuinely had no clue he was doing anything wrong.”  “He was just waiting for his turn!”. Now, in my defense this was the 1st time I was ever exposed to a public restroom.  I mean how I am supposed to know?  Last time I checked I just go in pull down my pants and go.  I mean I had done everything as I have in the past to take a pee, but now there was just other people between me and the urinal.

Honestly, I can’t imagine if I walked in and saw the scene for myself, but I’m pretty happy someone was there to put that scene into words.  I probably would have never remembered it on my own, so this could have been a lost memory, but thankfully it’s not.  🙂