It’s down to the wire! Make sure you are Final Four betting for this years March Madness tournament.

Here are the Final Four details for both games:


Saturday, April 5th – 6:09 PM EST – #7 Connecticut vs. #1 Florida

Saturday, April 5th – 8:49 PM EST – #8 Kentucky vs. #2 Wisconsin

In addition, new players get a Free bet up to $500 (50% of their initial deposit) starting March 1st and ending April 7th. Go here for more info!

MobileAdCarbon Mobile Accolade

Strut your stuff at the poker tables with a brand new mobile accolade!

Starting April 1st, 2014 CarbonPoker is giving players who played in one Cash Game or Sit & Go using their mobile device or tablet a special mobile accolade.

The accolade will be automatically awarded to any player who uses their mobile device or tablet to play in a Cash Game or Sit & Go. Once qualified this new accolade will automatically display on your player bezel at the poker within 36 hours.

Please Note: If you have already used your mobile device or tablet to play one Cash Game or Sit & Go previously you will receive the accolade immediately without having to redo the above task. The mobile accolade will override any existing accolade.

Free Poker Training

The CarbonPoker team is very excited to announce and offer free poker training to all our players from the poker professionals at DragTheBar. This is an opportunity and value DragTheBarPromoopen to all players at CarbonPoker.

What do you have to do to take advantage of this offer?

All you have to do is earn 10 VIP points to get the rest of this month free as well as the following month. So if you earn 10 VIP points or more on the 3rd of the current month you get the remainder of the current month plus the next month in DragTheBar poker training free! To get an additional month all you have to do is  earn 5,000 VIP points before your full months-end. No hidden costs, and no deductions from points, bonuses or other promotions.

Just sign-in and opt-in here.

This membership to DragTheBar you get for being a CarbonPoker player comes with all the benefits, training and rewards a full paid DragTheBar member would receive. Only it’s free to you for being a CarbonPoker player!

What do you get?

  • Training from 30+ coaches
  • Over 40 new videos added monthly to a library of over 1,000
  • Active forums

Once you have met the rake requirements, and signed up at DragTheBar, you will receive an email informing you of your successful account sign up and then another email once you have received the free access by meeting the rake requirements.

Time to get on the grind now, GOOOO!!!