Seems like it is a always lurking around the corner, the badbeat monster is close by ready to start an avalanche of suckouts,
coolers, tilt frenzy and broken mouses.

How do we keep a positive mindset when we are in the throes of agony and an imploding bankroll? I’ve noticed that the default
to this is to tell others the badbeat dramas, as if by doing so we can heal some of the wounds that have been ripped open.

What tends to happen is the exact opposite. The more we harp, cry and moan about the sickness of the beats, the more the negativity of it stays and manifest itself deeper into that person and onto others that are hearing about it. People start to gravitate away from that because honestly, who wants to be constantly reminded of negative things on a consistent basis?

So, how to deal? Well, keeping a positive mindset is not that difficult nor is it like a light switch that you can just flip on. The idea is that to understand why the negative things happen and to rationalize it as what it is. It’s just a bad beat, or it’s just somebody calling me out on the poker tables as a donk or fish. Don’t dwell on it. Chalk it up to what it is and move on.

Tell me this, should you instantly feel like a donk or a fish because somebody at the poker table said so? Should you feel that the “Poker Gods” are against you after receiving repeating suckouts, beats or coolers in a given day, week, month, year? The
answer here is obvious. As Jay Z said in one of his rap songs, “Brush that dirt off your shoulders”. Don’t allow the things that are holding you down emotionally, keep you down.

If somebody calls me a losing player, I don’t get upset. I simply view it as someone’s opinion and just concentrate on improving my game. If a beat happens, well, it’s all right, I know that beats will happen today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my poker playing days.

Stay positive and good things will happen. I guarantee this, keep having a positive mentality and the negative stuff will bother you less and less over time.