I’m going to share a story with you that very few people have heard.

Back in my early college years I was still dating my girlfriend from high school, who unfortunately at the time went to a college about 3.5 hrs away from mine.  Every other weekend or so I’d make the drive from Shippensburg U. to her college and spend some time with her, but after awhile she wanted to see where I went to school, so I offered to drive the 3.5hrs up AND 3.5hrs back.  Back in these days I wasn’t as much of a road warrior as I am now, so this was quite a commitment for me but I was young and in love with the idea of being with this girl – so I did whatever to make her happy.  The trip up went smooth as I passed a cop that would sit at the same dusty old diner on the side of the mountain.  I’d wave as I’d drive by obeying the speed limit with a smirk on my face, not necessarily because I was being cocky but because I knew where his hiding spot was (maybe it was a hint of cocky lol).  Anyway, we were on the way back, and at this point it’s early morning (maybe 1a-2a) and the fatigue started to set in… oh yeah and also I WAS SO FRIGGIN EyesClosedJohnLOST!!!  I must’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere, and we didn’t have GPS at the time, so all I had was printed directions and my terrible sense of direction to guide me.  Once someone like me gets detoured it’s “Good Game” and Good Luck!  At this point we were on some back road in the country with no sign of life anywhere, so I’m just like “Ok, I’ll keep driving south and hope I see something before I run out of gas”.  I remember thinking this as I looked over at my girlfriend who was sleeping.  In the midst of all that, I tried to stay focused on being awake but my head was slowly falling down and then bobbing back up.

At one point, I completely fell asleep.

So obviously because I’m writing this you realize, “Ok, he didn’t die”.  To that I’ll add, not a thing happened to my car or my girlfriend either.  I remember very clearly in my sleep hearing a voice go “JOHN”, as if they were whispering directly into my left ear, which is what woke me up.  I got kinda scared thinking “who is whispering in my ear…” just to open my eyes and see I was headed around a curvy road and about to drive directly into the middle of a tree.  I quickly grabbed the wheel and turned hard to the left.  My car does the whole wheels screeching/back end swinging out type of car stunt you would see in the movies.  I’m slightly off the road, but with the car stopped now my heart is racing a million miles a minute.  I won’t say my life flashed before my eyes, because I can’t really remember, but at this point my girlfriend is awake and was able to witness the end of this.  It took me a minute to recover, but you better believe I wasn’t tired for the rest of the trip home.

What’s the point of me telling you all of this?  My point is this – I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is something else beyond this physical world we know and live in today Something we may never be able to explain or prove on paper.  My statement here isn’t just based off this one instance either.  I have very close, trust-worthy friends who’ve used a Ouija board and had “supernatural” things happen while using it.  I don’t even want to mention some of the things I’ve heard in regards to this because it’s super creeeepy.  My mother (I love you Mom!) also had a very interesting and real experience that shook her up when my little brother totaled his car awhile back.  The car was totaled, but somehow he walked away with nothing but minor scratches.  A random old man in a beat up truck happened to be passing by right after the accident, waited with my brother, and later would keep telling my Mom “He’s a good boy”.  Shortly after, she witnessed him walk away and disappear or ‘shrink’ in front of her eyes…  I bet a good amount of you reading this have had your experiences with things that can’t be explained.  Also, I’m very open-minded to the fact that some of you reading this might be like, “Ok, this is such BS” and just move on – that’s cool and I respect you.  Regardless of what you want to believe or don’t, everything I’m sharing with you is very real and based on close and personal experiences – not something I found and read on the internet.

That all said, knowing that there is some other realm of existence out there, I think it’s quite reasonable to assume that the concept of God and Jesus Christ could be very real.  In the end you will have to make this decision for yourself, but I’ve been very heavily THumbsUPJohnexploring and digging into this concept so that I could decide for myself, and to my surprise I’ve grown and fallen much deeper into my faith in God.  I also have faith that my alcoholic father will one day stop drinking, even tho I haven’t seen any signs of it stopping nor do I even recall my father being sober enough for it to stick into my mind – I still have faith in him.  Is this that much different than believing in a God that I’ve never seen or touched?  We all have faith in something or someone, and even tho we can’t explain our faith sometimes, we still passionately pursue our beliefs and hope that great things will come of it.  Whether you choose to believe in God or not is your choice, but all I’m suggesting with this whole post is to at least have faith that you were created for a purpose and that there may be more to life than what is right in front of your eyes.