Hey ya’ll it’s been a minute, I’ve been lurking the poker scene…here to get things situated again.

Gonna throw a copied version of a cross blog post I made on my focusedmotion.net blog site. Here we go…

What up ya’ll?

Yea, I know it’s been a good minute since I’ve actually put some words on the virtual paper.

The haps with me you ask? Ah, lemme sum it up for you in a list fashion since it’s a bit more than I care to write up in detail at the moment:

1) My mom had pancreatic cancer back in June of 2011 and passed away on October of 2011. I miss you mom, it’s so unreal that you are gone 🙁

2) Moved out of my poker office (shortly after Black Friday) and started a series of jobs, now which I’m working at a Ford dealership in Internet Sales (Goal: To get unemployed there and rehire myself as a FullTime Grinder)

3) Still grinding the pokers on Merge and Lock. Trying to get back onto the full time grind again. Goal is to have around 25K$ saved up for 1 year’s worth of life expenses and have decent bankrolls on both poker sites.

4) Working out at Gold Gym’s, goal is to drop 20 lbs.

5) Heading to Hawaii with the Dad, sis and bro for some family time. (Txs dad for the vacay!)

6) Keep strong in the Faith, spiritual walk is not easy, but step by step.

7) Enjoy life and keep appreciating what we got

So yo, what’s the plans on the poker front eh?

Glad you guys asked. Gonna be doing it up with VOLUME. All aspects: Studying, Coaching (I use that term lightly, more so Coaching as a way to find my own leaks), Grinding Cash/MTTs, doing FT vids and other poker vids, re-connect with my poker peeps, get my bankroll up and running again. Annddd…get that RUNGOOD peeps be talkin’ about. (Speaking of RunGooT, I finally got me my “Drewski “ a couple of weeks back, took down the Merge NiteOwl and the Lock $5cubed in the same night. For more clarification on how the term “Drewski” came about ask John aka Drewpeacoq8)

Aight ya’ll, I hastily threw up a VLOG on my FocusedMotion channel. Feel free to peep that out.

Till next time, keep the faith and stay steady binking!