Hey BOD’ers,

The holidays are here and things are always razzle-dazzle, busy and hectic. This time around however it’s a bittersweet deal.

I don’t have my mom to say Merry X-mas or Happy New Year. You may recall one of my earlier post about my mom passing this October.

Don’t mean to make this an emo blog post, but as I was replying to a forum post on betondrew.com (if ya’ll not posting on this site, you best be doing it up!) the topic of activities during the Holidays popped up.

Be grateful for the family and friends that you have and are able to spend the holidays with. Let them know that you appreciate
them in your life and give them the hugs and affection that we all take for granted.

Make this holiday “session” a good life grind session. Do it up BOD-Style and give it all ya got.

Have a safe and happy holidays and best wishes to ya’ll for the New Year.