People may not know it but poker is and should be considered like war.  When our Soldiers go to war they are armed with several weapons.  When I approach the tables I like to think that I am armed with several weapons as well.  It is no different we approach the table with our mines and senses alerted to the littlest changes.  Everything is on red alert.  As you approach the target you decide on your weapon of choice.  Instead of a gun it may be a 3 bet or squeeze play every

 enemy requires a different weapon used.  As you tread through the village of MTT you are aware to all changes.  You must adapt and overcome these changes to reach your objective.  If you fail to find all the ambushes you will never make it to your objective.  The enemy can be very tricky.  Some of them are volunteer fighters called Donks and others are a highly trained and organized special forces called Sharks.  Either way as you approach the village of MTT you will not fear no enemy for you are well armed and trained as well.  You come from the forces of BOD and will not fall at the feet of the enemy.  We push forward to our objective and will reach the safe house called BINK.  Lets go BOD its time to get those scores.  Gl everyone