One of our newest sponsors has been laying down some heavy facts about getting healthier, and how most of us are slipping up.  Most poker players put too much focus on putting in a long grind session, getting out of the hole, hitting that big score, and don’t worry or think about their health often.  A lot of players often talk about “getting to the gym more”, but it usually stays just that… talk.  The fact is tho, if you are unhealthy this can lead to a lot of problems, such as poor blood flow, back pain, lack of focus, and more.  If you want to be the complete package poker player, you need to start thinking big picture and do everything in your power to set yourself up for long-term success.  This means being mentally, physically, emotionally, and strategically fit.  Here are some posts from the Neonutrition facebook page along with links to the articles (click the pics).


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*Mangosteen is the main ingredient in the Vemma formula (Found in all products – Vemma, Verve, Next, and Bod-e). Read this above article and ask yourself if you suffer from any of these. It will be quite eye opening.


These are just facts.  The choice is always yours to do something, or to not.  We hope to inspire some of you to achieve greater things in life.  Good Luck on the tables and in life!

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