MillionMan The other day I was randomly thinking about if I won a million dollars (oddly enough right before a morning session where I’d have no chance of getting close to that)… but the next thing I thought about wasn’t what I’d spend the money on, but what moment I’d remember most for the rest of my life –  The explosion of excitement that overcomes you thinking about your life changing, or  the moment you actually touched the money and knew it was real?  This thought was so compelling to me I posted it on twitter to see what others thoughts would be.  I was assuming that most people would say the excitement would be more memorable, but that could be because that’s what I feel would be more memorable to me.

Here is the question:


A couple of responses:


Then I got this response:

BlogReasons (Read this one 1st, then the one above it)

I was excited to see this next response, because when I asked the question initially I was wondering how the minds response to this seemingly straight-forward question, could potentially be effecting us in poker.


PokerPsych Then at this point I was motivated to start putting together a blog about this topic, and almost started a fab cut and paste research paper on “the mind and poker” or “Tilting Minds” or somethin else, BUT then valentines day is tomorrow and since I’m such an awesome boyfriend ( 😉 ) I’ve been sidetracked since I started writing this article earlier in the day.  So, what was going to potentially be a long and wordy research section that illustrated how bad of a writer I actually am, is now just going to be a couple of links that I found of others who put the time in.



The internet is loaded with information, so if this type of stuff interests you I’d suggest getting on the google machine.

I think overall from personal experience and what I’ve read from others, the big message is that a strong and healthy mind/Understanding of how the mind works,  can seperate the good players from the GREAT ones… for almost a zillion reasons (I’ll hold back my thoughts on some of those reasons for at least this post).

Hope you feel my flow and thanks for reading.  😉






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