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This breakdown is brought to you by John “DrewPeacoq8John is primarily an MTT player living in North Carolina.


Carbon Poker, Online Poker Site.  4k guaranteed $11, 2r/1a MTT.  Blinds 150/300.  Hero has ~60bb, Villain has ~22bb.

I decided to limp pre flop with AQs in middle-position.  With a big stack I am able to mix up my game and just limp here.  This hand is strong enough that when I limp I under rep a hand that will be ahead of a lot of players isolation ranges here, but also the limping ranges, thus there are going to be more situations I can confidently play for value.  Also, with an assumed edge post flop at this table it makes playing this hand creatively much easier to do.  Flops comes A88, and the SB leads out 300 into 1100.  I make an easy call.  I think very few people would lead here with an 8, especially since I limped pre flop, so his hands seem more like Ax and bluffs against my perceived weak range.  The turn comes and they fire a seemingly obvious “block bet” of 300 into 1700 on a 7 of clubs.  Their range now looks super weak and I’m afraid if I raise I will lose them.  At this point, I’m 99% sure with this sizing that they don’t have an 8.  Considering this may also be some pathetic bluff, calling seems to be the best option.  They check the river 7 and now there is 2 pair on the board with an A kicker.  I bet 1599 into 2300, which was also about 1/3 of their stack and they call – We win.