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This breakdown is brought to you by John “DrewPeacoq8“John is primarily an MTT player living in North Carolina.


Pokerstars, Online Poker Site.  3k guaranteed $11 freezeout MTT.  Blinds 700/1400 (+175 antes).  Hero has 19bb, Villain has 66bb.


Big stack Villain opens UTG for a tiny bit over the minimum (2857) and has been actively opening thus far, but they do not seem to be a highly thinking player.  I’ve seen them play a couple of pots post-flop where they definitely seemed to take more of a recreational approach.  That being said, I felt like if I just call their raise (which I did) they won’t be aware of how strong my calling range from this stack size should be.  Also, there was a real short stack behind, along with a couple others that would have a nice situation to potentially squeeze and go all-in preflop, so that could allow me to get more chips in the middle with what is gonna be likely the best hand.  After I called tho, everyone else BODqqHandfolded and I was heads up with the Villain.

Pot is 9214, and Villain cbets to 3519 on a flop of 692, rainbow.  I think for a minute and jam my last 23548 into the pot of 12733 .  Knowing that by just calling preflop I’ve under represented my hand, and by taking my time and jamming here they are never going to put me on a big pair, but also I don’t feel like this type of player is going to be folding often if they have any pair AND maybe even AK on this flop.  Villain snap called and turned over 77.  It ran out nice and I won a nice pot.