If you follow @betondrew_com on twitter you probably already noticed the trend of re-tweets highlighting primarily online poker players deep finishes.  The goal with thisBODspotlightFinal has always been to draw attention to and give credit to all the players out there putting the time into poker, that you might not hear about on Pokernews or similar sites.  These players are putting in just as much work as most of the well known poker players, maybe more, but due to the the nature of the business it’s just tough to cover everything and everyone.  With that said, BetOnDrew.com found inspiration to try and draw more focus to these players.

The “BOD Spotlight” articles will look to maintain and add to what @betondrew_com has already accomplished on twitter.

After reaching out to the poker community (via Twitter and Facebook) we had several online and live poker players submit pictures to share with their peers.  We’ve compiled information about these players and along side their pictures, we’d like to present to you their “Grind” Stations.


BODScottCoop Scott Cooper from South Carolina (@Scott__Cooper) BODsc

Coop1 Coop2

Coop3Scott is a full-time poker player who prefers to play NLH/PLO/Stud8.  When he’s grinding on his 26″ Vizio monitor he can also be found, caressing his beard and eating Trail mix.

Scott represents a number of poker entities from www.1movepoker.com, www.grindergear.com, to now representing team USA for www.bluesharkoptics.com (use “Cooper2013” for 10% off BSO).



BODRamsey Ramsey Turner from North Carolina (@Rambo_Fitness) BODnc



Here you’ll see his 23″ Asus monitor, 17″ Toshiba Laptop, 13″ MacBook Pro retina display, Razor Death adder mouse, and his Steel Series 6GV2 keyboard.  Also, you can see his lucky items of the Ancient Rellum:  Hulk Bobble Head, Star of Rellum.

Ramsey is a part-time poker player and a full-time student.  He enjoys working out and playing basketball.  When he does grind, he usually gets in around 5 hrs/day and can be found crushing some Sour Patch Kids.  He claims that his poker journey began after attending the BetOnDrew.com inaugural Boot Camp MTT training program.


BODRudy1 Rudy Schultz from Ohio (@Schultzie25) BODohio

rudy1 rudy2 rudy3

Rudy is a full-time poker player.  He prefers to play NLH 6max and Heads up, along with PLO and Gin.  Since he’s primarily a live poker player his grind station changes quite a bit, unlike the online player.  In the pictures you’ll see (from left to right) his “Little Piggy went to the market” pic, a 2k stack he had at $1/$2 cash game at a local club where he bought in for $60, and a shot he was able to get when played a 350k guaranteed live tournament.

Rudy represents www.headsuppokergear.com and is another recently added www.bluesharkoptics.com team USA member.


BODNick Nick Evans from North Carolina (@Nick2theEvans) BODnc

NICKbodNick is a full-time student and part-time poker player.  He plays everyday when he can but his priority is school for now (and eating Reeses & Arnold Palmer).  He’s primarily a cash game player, but he does enjoy a day filled with a nice tourney schedule too.  In this picture you’ll see his 22″ ViewSonic, Razor Black Widow Ultimate keyboard, Steel Series mouse, all controlled by a self-upgraded Macbook Pro.

“Two Words: Sunday Rellum.  I feel that everyone needs to experience the true Sunday Rellum.”



rbpoker Rick Blumenthal from New Jersey (@RB_Poker) BODNj

laptop1 laptop3

laptop2Rick plays poker part-time, but when he does play he prefers to play SNG’s and MTTs (NLHE & PLO) while eating gummy bears.  In his pictures you’ll see his HP pavilion dv5 15″ laptop, HP 20″ 2nd monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  Rick’s shout outs go to @TeamPPU and Team @HeadsUpGear.






🙂 John Lombard from California (@focusedmotion) BODcali

FM1 fm2

John used to be a full-time player, but is most recently getting back into the swing after a long break.  He prefers to play NLHE MTTs (rebuy/freeze), and for cash games it’s 6max PLO and PLO8.  In the pictures we have dual 23″ Acers Widescreen monitors, Seagate 2 terabyte external drive, Logitech wireless laser mouse, Asus wireless headset, Logitech HD Camera, WPT mouse pad, obligatory chips to shuffle, HP 18″ laptop, and last but not least a window view to “gaze out and have my mind wander after suffering a sick beat”.  Post “sick beat” John likes to cool down with any sort of chips and some diet coke.

His shout outs were: “Big ups to DrewPeacoq8 for staying in the game”.  (haha, thanks)


Thanks to everyone for sharing with the poker community and also to everyone reading.  Feel free to leave comments or questions.  Cheers.