I can still remember when I used to work a full-time job and had to get up early every morning and go to work.  Some days I just didn’t want to go and calling in sick was a luxury that couldn’t be called upon enough…  Nonetheless we do what we have to do to get that “paper”.  😉

Then poker became the full-time job and I was all of a sudden working for myself and on my own schedule.

Anyway, last night I had tried to stay up and grind until about 6a.m. so that I could get breakfast in the morning with the girl.  This is always fun because I rarely see breakfast, so i was really trying to make it work.  I was grinding it out until about 430a.m. when my AQ lost to a late position shove from A8 and ended my run.  Now I’m done too early to go to breakfast, and also too late to fire up any other MTTs.  Only thing left was xbox and Modern Warfare 3!  For some reason tho I couldn’t get into it for too long because I was actually feeling sea sick, haha.  Must be the TV or something, who knows…  Anyway, by this time it’s only 515a.m. and I needed to lay down, so I set my alarm for 630a.m. to get up and get breakfast.  Breakfast didn’t happen because I couldn’t get up and then somehow I couldn’t sleep past 9a.m.

At this point, I just went about my day.  Did some coaching, played some xbox, cleaned up the house a little and then found out that the girl got a flat tire.  So, I look outside and see it’s dark at this point in the day and raining.  Awful conditions to jack a car up in a parking lot, that isn’t even, and try to get the spare on. Ugh, now I have to get up at 7a.m. tomorrow so I can go put the spare on.

In conclusion, I sit here typing this because I have no time to play a good night session.  I’m too tired to probably play optimally and more than likely need to catch up on sleep anyway.  Regardless, I didn’t play any poker today (morning or night session) and it’s all no big deal.  It’s just nice to not have to sweat things or really be rushed or forced to go anywhere unless you really have to.  Rolling with the punches as a poker player is what we do best.

I’m grateful everyday I get to do what I do and always try to give the game it’s due respect.  Yes poker can be cruel at times but when it gives back, it’s not only monetary benefits but also indirect benefits that can really make it worth while.

I’m draggin a bit here and this whole blog post could be a run-on sentence and guess what???  I don’t…zzzZzzzzz…ZZzzzz