If you aren’t familiar or haven’t recognized it yet.. Auto-Pilot in poker is when you stop thinking how you should about hands/situations and resort to what’s “fastest” or better yet, what’s “easiest”.

I’m guilty of being on auto-pilot at times too.  Especially during this last excursion where I tried to increase the amount of games I was playing in order to curb variance more.  That just didn’t work out for me… It took me a little while to realize it, but things for me became a bit robotic and I really lost that sweet loving touch that this game needs.

Honestly it feels great to get out of auto-pilot mode and I just posted in the forums like 3 hands from tonight that an auto-pilot would have never been able to play out… and by play out I mean think out.

I’m strictly an MTT grinder so I think this “auto-pilot” mode might still be profitable to maybe some SNG grinders who mass multi-table with rakeback, but honestly to be profitable in MTTs I think it’s a definite NO.

Below is a list of a few things to show auto-pilot has been activated:

1 – You don’t know what hand you just doubled up against.

2 – You have to check your HH to see how you just busted.

3 – You have ZERO notes on the table.

4 – You slide your mouse over your avatar and see AA is a shaded memory.

5 – You don’t feel IN CONTROL.

There are many ways you can recognize it, and I’m sure if you get what I’m saying you have your tells on it too.

Easiest way I think to turn off this auto-pilot button is to lower the amount of games you play at a time.  I’m currently only playing up to 8 at a time, and if I feel like I’m sacrificing too much quality for Quantity, I will slow down and only do 6.  Everyone’s Max games to play at a time optimally may vary, but it’s something you have to feel out and understand how your mind processes it all.

Another good way to help keep this button off is to always be a student of the game.  There are too many good players out there today, that’s it’s vital to be able to look deep into some spots and understand what is going on…unless you want the sharks to eat you alive.  Studying can help keep you up to date with current trends, thoughts, and help maintain your focus at the tables.  KNOWLEDGE = POWER

Anywho, just some thoughts of mine recently.  Hope this helps others out there!  glgl