Matt just wrapped up a two-legged Q&A session, something called an AMA, or Ask-Me-Anything, with notable poker pro, Matt Stout. Matt made his first visit on September 30 and came in again five days later to answer more questions from forum visitors.

Already known as a massively talented player – with a track record to prove it, winning millions in online and live tournaments – Matt revealed that he is much more than that with his candid and elaborate answers.

Over thirty posts in all, this interview is full of fascinating details about the vibrant life and successful career of a modern day poker pro. From his early hockey endeavors and college woes to insights on high stakes poker, staking, coaching, charity, hobbies and personal interests…and even some private factoids…Matt provided thoughtful, meaningful answers to every inquiry thrown at him.

The amount of people following this live interview was unprecedented for In fact, the reason the session had to be adjourned on the first day and then stopped on the second was that the site’s server could not handle the unexpected amount of traffic interrupting the connection, an issue FTR has already remedied.

Going through Matt’s answers, an attentive reader can find a great number of revelations about poker and life that are of the pure gold grade. Besides its educational value, Stout’s interview is extremely entertaining with a good dose of humor and rich details that provides a glimpse into the fascinating world of a poker professional with many other pursuits.

Here are some excerpts for a taste:

arcturus: Matt, In your honest opinion, how much poker is a game of luck and a game of skill? Good luck/skill in WCOOP, by the way – you tell me the right order!Thanks

ProMattStout: I think the best way to put it is that on any given day, the game is 80% luck and 20% skill. In the long run it’s 20% luck and 80% skill. It’s like having a magic coin that lands on heads somewhere between 51-55% of the time. You can lose a lot of $ for a while, but if everything evens out in the long run it should all come back.

Patrick M.: Too funny!!! What’s the wackiest prop bet you’ve been asked to participate in?

ProMattStout: Scotty Nguyen bet me $100 that I wouldn’t throw a Nerf football across another table and hit Negreanu with it during day 2 of the WPT Bellagio $25k. I nailed him and picked up an extra hundo for hitting the Seiborg as well.

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Matt Stout has also indicated that he may come back soon for another AMA session, solely dedicated to his poker coaching – something he is quite an expert on, having already coached several players to big successes in live events.