Summary of AMA with Joe “Stapes” Stapleton on


On November 20, 2013, EPT announcer, Joe “Stapes” Stapleton, made a stop in’s forums for a friendly Ask Me Anything session with his fans.

Stapleton has a long track record in poker media working on various TV and radio shows, including Pokerstars’ Big Game and WCOOP radio broadcasts. Currently, Stapes provides coverage of the European Poker Tour alongside James Hartigan. Prior to him becoming a poker commentator, Stapleton was a writer for TV shows MADtv and The Two Coreys among others. He also hosted wildly popular comedy podcasts at

Fans had a lot to look forward to with this AMA and to say that they were not disappointed would hardly begin to do Stapleton’s event justice. Stapleton showed up at his brilliant best and gave FTR’s visitors a treat in what turned out to be one of the best AMA interviews to-date at

Fully embracing the candid Ask Me Anything format, Stapleton scripted answers to his fans’ inquiries that were chock-full of his trademark humor. Taking the time to respond to every question asked of him, Stapleton’s responses ranged from thoughtful to silly, sweet to acidic, passionate to carefree, pure to obnoxious.

During his AMA, Stapleton showed off the many sides of his multi-dimensional persona on the pages of his thought-provoking and entertaining forum thread. He gave rich accounts of his career and life, hobbies and vices, beliefs and future plans and much, much more. Even some of his colleagues, most notably Norman Chad, half of ESPN’s WSOP commentating team, logged in to ask a question. Here are excerpts from that memorable exchange:

Originally posted by Norman Chad:

It kind of sickens me that I am often called “a poor man’s Joe Stapleton.”
I have to have more money in the bank than you, don’t I?
Norman Chad


Wow. I will try not to make this a gushing fan letter.


Funny story: after not speaking for about a year, Norm sent me an email blaming me for Black Friday. Hilarious, and accurate.

Now to address Norm’s post: 

Now I don’t know how much money you’ve got in the bank, and I know that pie’s being split many ways, but God I hope you’ve got more than I do. My bank called me on suspicion of fraud at the end of last month because I hadn’t overdrafted yet.

To see and enjoy the whole thread, with all the jokes and self-directed insults, visit this URL: