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This breakdown is brought to you by John “DrewPeacoq8“John is primarily an MTT player living in North Carolina.


Carbon Poker, Online Poker Site.  High Roller 25k guaranteed MTT.  Blinds 150/300 (+30 ante).  Hero has 34bb, Villain has 41bb.


Villain opens UTG and has opened a noticeable amount from there, but also seems to play poorly postflop, so I decide to 3b the BTN with QTo.  It went him 600, me 1330, Villain Flats.  We go heads up to a flop of QQ2, two spades.  Pot is 3350, they check to me and I cbet 1100.  I make my sizing smaller so I don’t fold out their weaker holdings, because I expect if this player had a premium hand they would have re-raised me preflop.  They Call.  Pot is 5550 on the turn (4 of clubs), they check and I decide that I’m not QToBODgonna be able to get 3 streets from this player most of the time, so I check the turn to make it look like I was just cbetting any flop.  River comes a 2, which completes the board now of QQ242 and the flush did not hit.  Villain shoves all-in (putting us all-in) and we make an easy call.  Villain tables AJo and we win a nice pot.