If you don’t follow @drewpeacoq8 or @betondrew_com on twitter then you may not know this, but BOD had several members who performed really well in this series of 70 events held on the merge network.

I decided that it would be a good idea to interview a few of our members and get some of their thoughts for all to hear.


1 ) What is your handle, and are you a full-time or part-time poker player?

ThePurrr – “thepurrr, and I first got into poker about 8 years ago. I currently play full time 5-6 days a week.”

Omahoff – “Omahoff, and I am a part time player and part time blackjack dealer. ”

 PikeCounty – “PikeCounty, and got started in 2003.. Played full-time for 7 years until I finished college and got a job.”

AGSkillz686 – “Shinryuken, and both sides of my family are huge into playing cards, so I was first introduced to poker back when I was around 5 years old (playing 5 card draw and 7 card stud). I began playing poker for real money my sophomore year of college and haven’t looked back since. I made the decision to go full time in January of this year.”


2 ) What is your favorite Poker Game and why?

ThePurrr – “My favorite mtt’s have to be anything deepstacked or rebuys. I like long blinds and lots of chips as I think it increases my edge.”

Omahoff – “I will just go off of merge because that is all we have at the moment. I love the $11 plo rebuys at night because it plays ridiculously deep, short stack starting the FT is usually around 30 BBs and multiple stacks having 100+ BBs. The only thing is it doesn’t get too many runners so I dont get myself too pumped up for it. For Holdem, I love the $60 tourney at 2pm and the $30 quad at night, I would say those are the 2 tourneys I look forward to the most. However, with all of the improvements in scheduling merge has been making post maximus, I think there are going to be plenty of well structured tourneys climbing to the top of my favorites list”

 PikeCounty – “I actually prefer either a really deepstack game with a slow blind structure and alot of starting chips, or the extreme opposite, a turbo with rebuys and 5 minute blind structures.  I rarely get to play the deepstack games because of my schedule, even though I really enjoy them.  So you can usually find me shipping some into the middle in a turbo because of time constraints!”

AGSkillz686 – “I really love playing any of the rebuys on merge, because they are definitely the best value for your $, and typically have the softest fields. If I had to choose one, I’d have to say I like the 30 R 7K GTD on merge.”


3 ) Were you surprised to see the turnout for Poker Maximus (guarantees, fields size, ect.)?

ThePurrr – “I was pretty shocked the first day of Maximus when I saw the fields. Way bigger than I expected and way more money up for grabs.”

Omahoff – “I was not surprised at all. I was reading a Lock Pro advertising for Maximus on his twitter page saying there is going to be plenty of overlay in these tourneys. I was thinking he had to be high or something, just seeing how deep they were getting the week leading up to maximus I figured they would shatter them. Also I was happy they decided to go in each day and change the guarantees based on the turn out they were getting, thought that was very cool of merge to do.”

 PikeCounty -“Not really.  Since BF Merge has gotten so large I honestly kind of expected that.  I mean this is the first real series of Mtt’s thats been offered to US players in almost a year!”

AGSkillz686 -“Yeah, I was really surprised seeing to see the massive fields for some of these tourneys. It was so sick to see that a lot of the prize pools were doubling their guarantees. Started feeling like the old days of pokerstars :).”


4 ) How does it feel to perform how you did?

ThePurrr – (Poker Maximus Winner) “It was such a sick rush. Going through such a huge field with so many chips the entire way was awesome to say the least.”

Omahoff – (Poker Maximus Winner) “It feels great to have a nice score on Merge. Obviously you don’t have too many chances on the day to day schedule to play in prizepools reaching 45k so I was very happy to make it to the final table and then to go on to win. Hopefully they aren’t reading this but I got fortunate enough to get 3 handed with the 2 weakest players at the final table. When we started the final table there were quite a few decent players I had history with but lucky for me they were out early. Once we got 3 handed one guy was a limp/calling machine which is just fine in my book and the other guy was soooo over it. He would lose a hand then start open shoving 25 BBs. So both player were pretty fun to play with and I kind of knew what I could get away with and what would get me into trouble. I was happy to have my skype ground “Slander” up and cheering me on the whole way until about 4:30 am. I was just very happy with how I played and obviously the results were great!”

 PikeCounty – (2 Final Tables) “To be honest, it didnt feel any different than any other top 100 finishes.  I expect to be able to finish in the top tier in MTT’s routinely.”

AGSkillz686 -“It’s definitely an awesome feeling to see my hard work paying off. I had a bunch of real close runs to some big $ and am exceedingly happy with my play throughout the series.”


5 ) Did you expect to have the results you did in Maximus?

ThePurrr – “I expected to do well, but honestly after seeing how big the fields were, I didn’t really think I would necessarily win an event. I was confident I would make at least one final table, but pulling off the win was, I won’t say unexpected, but a nice surprise.”

Omahoff – “I expected to do well, but not in the tourney that I did. I thought I would crush the PLO and PLO8 tourneys and I just didn’t play great and had some unfortunate luck, but hey that’s poker. I am very happy I binked the $30 cubed because it paid a lot better then any of PLO tourneys so I would say it was a fair trade off.”

 PikeCounty -“Well, I am Dustin, and as a poker player you always expect the results, but sometimes the variance wont allow you to achieve them!  If I had two hands to hold up I might have won both, but its hard to play 6-700 hands in a tournament and expect to win with the best hand everytime.”

AGSkillz686 -“Yeah there’s some sickos here on BOD, so I knew there was going to be a lot of binkage going on throughout maximus. When I was railing Purrr’s win when there was about 30 people left and he was the chip leader, I had a feeling he had a great shot at taking it down. That dude really excels once he has a lot of chips in front of him.”


6 ) What do you think helped you to be so successful in this big series?

ThePurrr – “Long hours of grinding, talking poker with friends, railing and just overall studying the game. Much props go out to a couple of buddies of mine. They know who they are.”

Omahoff – “Luckily I sold half of my action throughout the series so I was able to play almost anything I wanted to. If I didn’t sell part of myself I definitely would not have played all of the events I did, and I would probably be bagging for change on the street corner… or something like that.”

 PikeCounty – “Personally I splashed alot of pots early with sooted trash hands hoping to outflop someone.  Then later in the game I tried to find opponents I could 3b light on as well as play my “spots” accordingly.  I would also have to thank Gbearr for all the mtt coaching last summer!”

AGSkillz686 -“What really helped me was staying optimistic throughout the month, and not dwelling too much on my bad beats.”


7 ) Do you think the merge network will have more series like this and do you think we can expect the same turnout?

ThePurrr – “I really think they should. I think the player base is there and once people see the big money, they will play. It’s that simple. I would be disappointed if they didn’t run more series like this in the coming months.”

Omahoff – “I think they will, there is no reason for them not to do another series with the great turnouts they had. Seemed like everyone loved it. I would love to see them mirror a scoop like schedule where they do 3 tiers for each tourney, I think that would be great for players. I think they can only go up from here, if they have another series it may be more successful then the first maximus.”

 PikeCounty – “At this point Merge is the face of U.S. poker.  I honestly see things only progressing and becoming larger with more events!  I would have to say this Poker Maximus Series far exceeded everyones expectations.  It’s reflected alone by the prizepool’s tripling and quadrupling!”

AGSkillz686 -“Yeah I think merge will have more series in the future. Hopefully another one in the fall :).”


8 ) What can you tell other poker players that might help them to be successful?

ThePurrr – “For me it’s always been being a student of the game and learning from people who I respect. The more you pick the brains of the people who are better than, or as good as you, the better you will be. Study, study, study… practice, practice, practice. Honestly evaluate your play and just keep trying to get better and you will make money at this game.”

Omahoff – “STAY AWAY FROM CASH GAMES! Haha, Just messing. I think making sure you have a balance in your life is very important, it isn’t good to breathe,sleep,eat poker all the time(Which admittedly is a problem I struggle with from time to time). Make sure you find other things to do that keeps you happy. Drew is a perfect example with him always playing his guitar and being a grillmaster. For me it is hanging out with my son, and getting a good work out in. If you are a grinder and you don’t work out I highly suggest it, nothing helps me play better then getting a nice jog and workout in before I start up my daily sesh. Also make sure you are always looking to improve your game in any way possible. Whether it be training videos, books, HH reviews, or just reading up in the forums. A lot of good poker players are always giving their advice on how to play hands, and it is always good to see that. Also if you don’t have a HUD, get one. I didn’t use a HUD until about 2 months ago, and looking back I’m sure I have cost myself 10’s of thousands of dollars which really pisses me off. Mainly though don’t let the bad beats get to you, stay positive and keep on grindin : )”

 PikeCounty -“Bankroll Management is the most important thing to being successful in poker IMO.  The times I’ve struggled in poker often correlate to the times I had bad bankroll managment! Thanks to Drewpeacoq8 and all the of the #bodsquad for all the much love and support! I really appreciate each of these members taking the time out to do these interviews and I wish them all continued success.”

AGSkillz686 -“The single most important key to being successful in poker and in life is to truly believe in your self. If you have a dream, then go after it!”


Finally, If you are interested in hearing more of what these members have to say please visit our forums as there is constant Poker discussion going on there, along with videos, strategy, and even some fun stuff.

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