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This breakdown is brought to you by John “DrewPeacoq8“John is primarily an MTT player living in North Carolina.


Pokerstars, Online Poker Site.  10k guaranteed $3 rebuy MTT (post rebuy).  Blinds 100/200.  Hero has ~60bb, Villain has ~32bb.


I decided to open UTG with AJo to almost 3x or 566.  I’m deep enough in this example that I can afford to open for more than the standard sizing.  I get called in early mid-position by the Villain in this hand, and we see a flop of JT3 rainbow.  Villain seemed to not like folding, and I was fairly active up to this point, so I fired half pot (800 into 1607) with intentions of looking super standard.  Villain decides to raise to 1600, the minimum.  This is interesting because the pot is up to 4007 after the raise and villain has 4407 left in their stack.  I think with so much money out there already that if they had a hand that beat me, they would probably be happy just taking this down on the flop and not risk getting “sucked out on”.  If they had the top of their range, which would be a set, I don’t think they would take this strong looking line here, so I’m fairly certain I’m ahead.  BetOndrewExample

So with that said, I called the min raise here.  I don’t think a lot of players would put me on AJ here when I just call (especially this type), thus making it easier for them to continue on the turn with a lot of worse hands and bluffs.  Also, it’s important to note that given their stack to pot ratio I assume they get it all-in on a lot of turns (villain has 4407 and the pot after my call is 4807).  To my surprise I check and villain checks a harmless 5d on the turn.  The river is an Ace, which I don’t really like, but at this point I figured I’d have to try and get some value from their potential weaker holdings, so I bet 1400 and they fold.


**Given the fact they didn’t shove the safe turn card, I assume they were on a stone cold bluff.  This would mean there was probably opportunity for me to check this river, otherwise maybe a smaller sizing would have been in order to either induce a bluff shove on the river or to get a real thin call.