Throwback Video: HH Review $10 1r/1a with Focusedmotion and Drew (part 2)

BODthrowbacksThe Throwback Video series will look to bring old videos made for back to the surface for all to see.  If you like free poker strategy videos, these are for you.  If you like these videos please share the link to this page with your friends.  Cheers and thanks for being a part of



This video was originally recorded for the skype group, and we had “focusedmotion″ and “DrewPeacoq8″ discuss thoughts during the review of  this Hand History.  You will be able to see the Skype group chat on the side, and hear discussion as well.  Enjoy!  This is part 2 of a 3 part series.



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Feel free to email with questions.  Thanks.

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