A Depressing Truth

Below is a post taken from @GutShotHayes blog, which can be viewed here along with his other posts - https://gutshothayes.wordpress.com/ The reason I wanted to share this here is because I think it … [Read more...]

Thanks for 2014 – Brief thoughts on 2015

    I'd like to wish everyone a blessed #2015. Whether you see the good in things at 1st, always believe there is good behind it all and keep moving forward. It's natural to get caught … [Read more...]

The importance of the “standard”.

This article can apply to life and poker.  My question to readers is this - How can we base what an aggressive or a passive approach is (in any situation) when we don't know what the baseline or … [Read more...]

“NickMackey” does what many others have failed to do.

The BetOnDrew Spotlight looks to draw focus to poker players’ lifestyles, attitudes, opinions, and accomplishments. Thanks to everyone who offer to share their story with the poker community, and we … [Read more...]

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