Not really a strategy article, article.

So the last couple weeks we have been posting some strategy articles to hopefully help anyone out that is seeking to grow their game.  This week we are going to take a different approach and challenge … [Read more...]

I’m baAAack, kinda, sorta ;)

Hey ya'll it's been a minute, I've been lurking the poker to get things situated again. Gonna throw a copied version of a cross blog post I made on my blog site. Here … [Read more...]

Maximus FTW

So when poker maximus began I had high hopes of winning an event, and then i saw the size of the fields. Not to say that i didn't think it was still possible, but suffice to say that with the size of … [Read more...]

Pre Spring Cleaning!

What it do players!! Today is the start of my "weekend", lol. I get every Wed and Thurs off, and so that is when I can put in a FULL grind. Felt like I needed to get a new location for the grind … [Read more...]

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