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So, i recently had to step down in limits. How lame is that. Got sick, missed a bunch or poker
and had to pay bills leaving me short on poker cash. Totally sucks, but i’m trying to see the positive
in it. I had been on a pretty bad downswing and in my experience, when struggling, moving down in
limits can be very positive EV. Confidence boosters are great and that is just what moving down in
limits provides. Easier competition makes for easier tournaments, which makes for easier money.

So far on my step down i’ve been limited to playing nothing higher than $10 buyins. $15 is my actual
max but i’m limiting those to lower variance tournaments that i know i have a huge edge in so as to not get killed by variance. Honestly, the step down has been kind of fun. It’s like professional basketball player, playing against middle schoolers. It’s not even fair. yea, there are always the sick suck outs that come with playing against super terrible players but that’s just part of it.

As I write this i’m already well on my way to being back to a more comfortable roll level and if i keep crushing these small games it won’t be much longer till i am fully back. although, i kind of have a plan of being a bit more stringent with the BRM until i get up to a really nice level as i hate swinging like crazy and why not bankroll build myself waaaay up crushing low level tournaments πŸ˜€

That said, some highlights from the day.. Crushing the 1k that i won. It was really nice to have total control of a final table like i did in that game. Other highlights, scraping and scrounging with a small
stack for almost an entire game in a $5 1kteed. No clue how i survived to finish 5th in that game. Coolest hand of the tournament: J10 calling all in for essentially my tournament at the FT and actually being right and being crushingly ahead. Last cool game. The $16.50 SH. I really deserved a win in this game, but got unbelievably unlucky against, literally, one of the worst players i’ve ever seen. pocket 10’s all in vs 76o for a 80bb pot comes to mind… Or how about, the hand i went out on, AJ vs 72 all in pre for 60bb. It was pretty sick, but just nothing to be done when someone is playing that bad and running that good.

Ok, happy grinding everyone. GL at the tables πŸ˜€


  1. Good read and glad you are feeling better and back on the scene. I’ve had to drop down in limits/volume a few times and I have to agree about the +ev of it. It reduces some stress and let’s your mind rest in a sense. Good stuff man, and I know you’ll keep rocking it out. πŸ™‚

  2. Yo man, really digged your writeup. This is something everybody at one time or another has gone through, and it’s great that you have had the courage to talk about it and also show your plans to regroup and get back up on top.

    Really enjoy reading your posts, so please, please, keep up the blog posts!

    Keep ya head up bromie, and stay steady binkin’ !! πŸ˜€

  3. What BrM do you use?

  4. If you didn’t read it already here is “thepurrr”s most recent blog post

  5. Great post.. get well and back in there bro!

  6. Thanks for this , gonna use this advice for myself and move down little bit in my cash games until i get back on right track. Nice post !!! thanks again

  7. thanks everyone. not such a fun thing to talk about lol. Mcdonkin i stick to 100 buy ins and double that for turbos.

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