bodbreakdown 1 hand and the players thoughts.  The thoughts can be random, crazy, standard, or non-standard, but they are nonetheless other players thoughts, so there are numerous ways to gain value.  Feel free to submit your “BetOnDrew Breakdown” hand to and usually, as long as the thoughts are somewhat fluent, we will be happy to share them with the poker community.


This breakdown is brought to you by John “DrewPeacoq8″ (@DrewPeacoq8).



Carbon Poker, online poker site.  $1/$2 PLO Cash Game.  Effective stack ~$300 (Max Buy-in $200).


The villain in this hand seemed to be a competent player.  They were very aggressive in position, as they should be in PLO, but they weren’t just spewing off chips either.  That was all I really knew after about 40 hands at this table with them.  A weak player limped the CO, and the Villain made it $9 (I was doing the same to the weaker players limping when I had position), I called in SB with 5k75hhss and of course the limper did as PLOhandshotwell.  I flopped top set, and it checked to the villain who bet $21.75 into $29 on a flop of 543dd.  I decided they were going to be continuation betting every time in this spot, so instead of raising I decided to play my hand like a draw and just call, the passive player in CO also called.  Then the turn comes the Qh, and the villain pots it.  Now we have a decision… I went thru the 3 most likely combos of hands he could have here that they would double barrel and then decided that against my perceived range they are not likely folding a set of 4’s/3’s, or 1st or 2nd NFD to a turn shove, but if they have the current nuts (67), or 2nd nuts (A2), and the board pairs/flush comes on the river I don’t know that they will be putting many more chips into the pot.  Also, I don’t really know if I can just call the turn, and fold to a scary river, so I decide then to get it in against the part of his range I’m ahead of and also knowing if I’m behind I can still catch up.

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