Member Review – 200NL 6max Cash

SteveRecently we had BOD member Steve put together a video reviewing a cash game he played on Black Chip Poker.  We asked some questions so that we could provide background to anyone watching his video.  Thanks to Steve for sharing this with us, and hope you enjoy watching/commenting.




BOD:  Why did you decide to make this video?

Steve:  I made this video to explain my thought process while in a hand.

BOD:  What did you hope to accomplish by posting this video?

Steve:  I want to help anyone who’s at a lower level & also to expose myself to critiquing from high level players as well.

BOD:  Any key concepts you tried to touch on during the video?

Steve:  Player dynamics, hand ranges, and bet sizing.

BOD:  Any other thoughts you’d like to share with the poker community?

Steve:  Nothing else I can think of, but I look forward to hearing questions or comments.



Thanks for watching and please leave comments below.  Also, if you are a member of the poker community and would like to submit a video or article via the BOD site like Steve’s, please feel free to contact us via twitter (@betondrew_com) or email  We will be happy to review, post, and share on our social networks!

*Steve is an East Coast grinder, member of Team Heads Up Poker Gear (@HeadsUpGear), and plays MTTs and Cash games.


  1. Thanks for this video , it is always nice to go “inside the mind” of good players to hear their thought process and how they break down ranges . As a lower stakes cash player that is used to playing at more FR or full 6max tables , the shorthanded dynamic definately makes it interesting for me to watch and try to learn .

    Thanks again 🙂

    • You are welcome sir its not a problem at all! I made this to put myself out there to share/learn more. I prefer a loose aggressive strategy & that certainly fits more short handed tables. The reason I prefer this strategy over being tight aggressive is because this style puts you in tougher spots where you have to be more creative. I actually like getting paid off when I have it. If you are super tight youll never get any action and barely beat the rake in any decently tough game. I try to establish a light 3b range in position because ive found that this sorta gives you a crazy image. It gets annoying to the table and this really tightens them up with their opening ranges since they wont want to open light just to get 3bet by us. Once I feel like theyre starting to catch on to me ill change gears. Until then, keep grinding 🙂

  2. Hey buddy, good to hear and thanks for taking the time to comment. I don’t think Steve has noticed your compliment yet, but I’m sure he will. If you are down to do another vid of your own ever, let me know.

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